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Dopesick In Delray

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New Digs For Surfing Florida Museum

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Plastic Pandemonium

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We’ve all seen social media posts with a variation of “We live where you vacation.” Look, we have it pretty darned good here, and while some friends will hate us as they freeze their butts off up north or are landlocked nowhere near the beach, they can’t deny the truth of that statement. So what’s wrong …


A gem in the heart of downtown Delray Beach, the Delray Beach Children’s Garden was built with the help of local civic leaders, landscape designers, horticulturists, and most importantly by kids and community neighbors that will learn from and support it for years to come.  The long-anticipated Grand Opening is Sunday, January 3. The vision …


Coming November 21—Register Now! Yup, runners and walkers of all ages and skill levels, it’s Turkey Trot time!  Hundreds of trotters will descend on Anchor Park on November 21 for this extremely popular 5k run/walk, entering its 29th year. According to Danielle Beardsley from the Delray Parks and Rec Department, everyone’s looking forward to another …


Dylan Cabot, Lucas Cabot, and Joey Valenti Nail First Place At 5th Annual Fall Skate and Grind Competition A 45 minute rain delay couldn’t dampen the spirits of 25 stoked skaters and over 125 fans at this year’s Fall Skate and Grind Competition at “505” Teen Center and Hobbit Skate Park in Delray.  “We got off to …


Skaters, up for a fun and relaxed skate contest?  Then show up at the 5th Annual Skate and Grind on November 7 at the “505” Teen Center in Delray.  The action starts at 3:00pm and all age groups (5-adult) and skaters of all skill levels are welcome to come out. According to the Skate Park …


By Natalya Jones Imagine this scenario: You and your friends are about spent and ready to call it a night after a crazy time out. Some members of the group are carrying their shoes, everyone is drenched from the South Florida humidity, and your one friend keeps incoherently belting Taylor Swift lyrics way too loud. …


By Cash W. Lambert Photography by Ben Hicks There’s a 20-acre plot in Boca Raton where nature’s happenings aren’t stopped by man. And because of that, its name and its creatures are guaranteed to bring you back to your childhood. Experience is quickly reminding me that you only have two options when you smell a skunk in …

Photo credit Emiliano Brooks Photography

Delray Craft Beer Festival Sells Out! Around 1800 craft beer aficionados converged at Old School Square on May 8 at the Delray Craft Beer Festival to swill the latest creations by some of the most innovative brewers around and groove to Spred The Dub. Over 120 different beers were represented in 40 tents, including local …

Surf History Museum

(Interview With Tom Warnke Palm Beach County Surfing History Project) TAC:  Tom, how did the organization get started, and just as important, why was it started? Tom:  In 2008 there were 2-3 of us in Palm Beach County taking pictures and collecting old stuff related to surfing —we all started surfing in the mid 60’s …


By John Englander Miami Beach recently installed $15 million dollars of pumps to keep the streets from flooding on peak high tide days. Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine says it’s just the first phase of a $300 million dollar plan to keep that tourist mecca a viable community. Periodic flooding every 28 days occurs from the Florida Keys, to the Las Olas Isles in …


Thanks to Mora Surf Boutique and Delivery Dudes for sponsoring our latest issue release at 2 Georges!


“Constant Pressure, Endlessly Applied” That’s the calling card for the Surfrider Foundation, celebrating their 30th anniversary as a major voice to protect and conserve our oceans and everything in it.  Since 1984 the efforts of over 250,000 supporters, volunteers, add activists have made a real difference, and we thank them.  Surfrider Communications Manager Katie Ferguson …


Here are some snaps from Slave to the Wave’s Art On The Slide event at Jump The Shark. The event brought out some great local artists, musicians, and more. Enjoy! Photos: Carl Dawson  


  Tell us about the Salute to Service Initiative and the Dolphin’s involvement. Emily (Dolphins Cheerleading Director): Supporting the military is part of the fabric of the NFL. This support takes place both at home and abroad, with NFL players and coaches traveling overseas to salute the troops, as well as with team recognition of …


Another gorgeous day greeted 623 runners and walkers at this year’s Delray Beach Turkey Trot as they celebrated their 28th year.  According to Danielle Beardsley from the Parks and Recreation Department this year’s event built on past successes.  “Last year we had a record number of participants and this year we had 100 more.  It …


Big thanks to Delivery Dudes and Ketel One Vodka for sponsoring the event and 2 Georges at The Cove for hosting!  


Big thanks to Delivery Dudes for sponsoring the Issue 11 Release and Saltwater Brewery for hosting!  


Written By: Nicole Danna Photos: Aaron Lurie Guanabanas first opened in 2004, originally nothing more than a surfer hangout where you could grab a sandwich on-the-go. Four years later, operating owners Jon Sullivan and Chad Van Boven have transformed Guanabanas into one of Jupiter’s most coveted restaurants. No longer a place to grab simple meals …


The Dudes Abide The South Florida crusade to change delivery forever By Dana Krangel Photos: Ben Hicks Imagine today is your lazy day. The type of weekly ritual that keeps your body happily attached to the couch and your mind eternally occupied by a the hand-held screen of your choosing. Alas, it’s time to eat …


Thanks again to everyone who came out to Guanabanas for the Issue 10 Release! The People Upstairs put on a great show and Guana’s played awesome hosts. Photos: Nathan Hamler


The issue 9 release at Saltwater Brewery was a blast. Big thanks to Delivery Dudes for sponsoring the event and for Future Prezidents for entertaining. Next party will be in early April at Guanabanas in Jupiter. Stay tuned for details!


Thanks to everyone who came out to support at the annual Movember Mustache Party! Saw some classic Mo’s and everyone was having a great time. Also BIG thanks to Delivery Dudes for sponsoring the photo booth. Make sure you check out their ad on the back cover of Issue 8 and mention Atlantic Current for …