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by Tom Greene of Custom Rod & Reel I recently chatted with a friend of mine, Bouncer Smith, one of the most renowned fishermen in South Florida about the best times of the year to fish and he said “I love the November and December timeframe for fishing!” The water starts to clear up from …


by Tom Greene This time of year we have a wide variety of fishing to choose from.  We see long days and long nights, it’s very hot, and the weather is relatively calm.  With all the rain the spillways are opened up and all the snook in the back country and canals all move out …


by Tom Greene of Custom Rod & Reel March and April are 2 good months for South Florida fishing. Generally speaking, we’re finished with the cold fronts and the major sailfish bite of the year is probably behind us but they’re still around. Kingfish tournaments are starting and we always hear complaints from fishermen that there’s too …


By Tom Greene of Custom Rod & Reel This is a great time to fish in South Florida, mainly because of the weather.  A lot of folks run away from up north, just to get down here.  If we’re not having a cold front where the temps drop into the 50’s-60’s fishing is normally good.  …


Addiction That Runs Deep Shark Addicts Continue To Dispel Myths of Dangerous Sharks by Doug Fairall Photos by Jack Bates  Ever since the movie Jaws, people have been trained to treat sharks with fear. Then in 1988, Discovery Channel began airing Shark Week, which was originally focused on correcting misconceptions about sharks until becoming wrapped …


The Boat 58’ Andy Mortensen, twin turbos, 3 fighting chairs Two staterooms and heads, fully air conditioned Flat screen TV’s and killer sound system State of the art electronics, including advanced sonar CHIRP technology, boat is constantly upgraded   A Poseidon Adventure Indeed  “A friend of mine told me, “price is soon forgotten when quality …