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Tin Roof Delray Beach

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Dance Floor Sessions @ Voltaire

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Elizabeth Ave Station

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Phantomime- The Heist By Dana Krangel The second release from five-piece Boca Raton band Phantomime takes the listener on a darker, swirling journey through six tracks of ramped up, Panic! At The Disco inspired sound. Opening song Masquerade officially welcomes the listener The Heist and is also serving as the record’s lead single and Phantomime’s …


Stop the Presses- Eskandalo by Dana Krangel Who knew that Hialeah, FL could produce such tasty ska tunes? Homegrown four-piece band Stop the Presses show big SoFla pride on Eskandalo, their skank-alicious new 7-song EP that was recorded and pressed in their hometown. While lead singer Ali Culotta’s vocals take you back to the days …


Bushwood Tidal Wave By Dana Krangel Let’s be real, there is no shortage of reggae bands making the rounds in South Florida. So what makes Bushwood standout from the rest? They are polished. Their live show is on point, and now their recordings match up. Tidal Wave, the band’s second release, oozes breezy jams worthy …


the band in Heaven Caught in Summer Swell by Dana Krangel the band in Heaven have long instilled a sense of pride in the hearts of South Florida local music connoisseurs with solid live shows and bi-coastal appeal. So it might seem odd, but Caught in a Summer Swell is the band’s first full length …


The Short Straw Pickers Upon That Hill by Dana Krangel Like their band name implies, The Short Straw Pickers special brand of genre twisting goodness comes with an extra dose of twang. Self described as “Jamboogiebluegrassicana,” their unique blend of sound results in a jamtastic fiddle party on the trio’s debut album. Lead singer Jack …