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  • issue_4

    The Magazine – Issue #4

    Apr 1, 13 • 91 Views • The MagazineComments Off

    Thank You, It has been quite a journey to arrive at Issue 4 – and it’s only the beginning. The Atlantic Current Crew would like to give a big thanks to our readers and sponsors who make our magazine possible. Your support has enabled us to increase our...

  • issue_3

    The Magazine – Issue #3

    Feb 1, 13 • 47 Views • The MagazineComments Off

    As a South Floridian, the first thing that comes to mind when you say fresh air is what? The beach of course! It seems so simple, yet we may not make it to the beach all week even though we can walk there from our house. At The Atlantic Current, we have...

  • issue_2

    The Magazine – Issue #2

    Dec 1, 12 • 43 Views • The MagazineComments Off

    The Holiday Season is here, and we are reminded of all we have to be thankful for. We live and play in a great part of the world, and The Atlantic Current is proud to present our second issue to our readers, fans, and sponsors. Ho Ho Ho, indeed! The Atlantic...

  • issue_1

    The Magazine – Issue #1

    Oct 1, 12 • 48 Views • The MagazineComments Off

    As you flip through our magazine, you will find articles and interviews with the many talented locals of Southeast Florida, amazing photography, and local know how. Each issue will feature local action sports talent, FAU Athletics, fishing, local music, and...