Guanabanas Continues Bringing Great Live Acts To Their Stage

by David Rolland 

After releasing records on labels owned by celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Buffet, Mishka decided to go in a less glitzy, more independent route on his latest record. Roots Fidelity, his sixth and most recent studio album, was put out on the singer’s own label, Mishka Music. The newest album betrays Mishka’s itinerant origin.  He was born in Bermuda and grew up sailing from island to island in the Caribbean where he soaked up the region’s musical heritage. Over the last two decades he has continued the nomadic lifestyle to great success. Five of his albums have topped Billboard’s reggae album charts.

It hasn’t just been mass audiences that have supported Mishka’s career, his fellow musicians have also enjoyed his sounds. He’s performed with not just reggae legends that you might expect like Burning Spear and Sly and Robbie, but also hip-hop groups like The Roots and even country stars like Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown.  At his free show at Guanabana’s Saturday night, expect the guitarist to provide you with a soundtrack of hits like “Above the Bones” and “Give them Love” that transports you into that irie roots rock island vibe. 

Plus, Jupiter’s own Brett Staska will be performing prior to Mishka during the 4pm Happy Hour slot. Needless to say we would recommend going early to see Brett, grabbing some discounted drinks, a bite to eat and soaking up the atmosphere leading up to Mishka at 9pm. 


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