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“Atlantic Current is original. Paired with a style that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of our area and culture of our community. Dustin and his team are giving, flexible, creative, and patient. We aspired to achieve the success necessary to advertise in a magazine that fit the culture of our brand. While we’ve achieved that goal, we consider having a space in this magazine a privilege. May the team never change. If I had a sticker book, I’d be placing gold stars all over each and every one of them.”
-Alex LeClainche, Co-Owner of Pumphouse Coffee Roasters

Let’s Talk About Us

Atlantic Current makes you feel different than any other mag in the area, because it is different. The stories are thoughtfully told and the ads don’t feel like a solicitor banging on your door at dinner time. You can bet that most advertisers know and support each other; they probably even know the people being featured. It’s all part of one cohesive mag that flows together like, well, like a current.

Since day one, that’s been the goal. We wanted to tell the stories that weren’t being told in a way that wasn’t being done. We want to give featured individuals and businesses the spotlight they deserve. And, when we’re done, we want them to point to the article and say “That’s the best thing anyone has ever written on us.” (That’s a real quote from one of our featured businesses, just fyi).

But how did we do this for a decade with no plans on slowing down? Well at first, with shear naivety and will. But now, it’s with the support of an amazing community. One that includes sponsors and distributors (all local businesses), readers (we’re assuming their local) and our team (last we checked, we’re all still local).

So if you’d like to help us keep this thing going while also promoting your business, we would appreciate it. Surely our readers will too. You’re not only helping keep the local print mag alive, but also giving us the ability to continue telling the stories that haven’t been told yet. If you made it this far, give us a call.

Magazine Data

  • 28,000+ Readers
  • 42% are between 21-34 years of age
  • 70% are between 21-44
  • 98% are over 21
  • 38% earn over $100,000 annually
  • 54% Male; 46% Female

* Our readers are YOUNGER and HAVE HIGHER INCOMES than the market average

*Audited Data From The Circulation Verification Council


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