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1909: Culture for Creators

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Due South Brewing: Navigating the Pandemic

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Birdie Floral Truck

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Flybird Chicken

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The Barrel Room

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FROPRO: Fueling Second Chances by Darien Davies If you ask most small business owners what their goal was in creating their business, it might be money, lifestyle, notoriety or power. If you’re Matthew Williams, it was E: None of the above. “FROPRO is my second chance. I didn’t create FROPRO to fill a market gap …

by David Rolland Every year around this time when a restaurant hostess asks if you’d like to eat outside, the answer is always, “Yes, please!” Now, thanks to everything going on since early 2020, we have a new reason to want to dine outside beyond the pleasant weather. To help you manage the restaurant scene …

by Jason McCobb A.K.A. Farmer Jay I think nowadays people‘s perception and intentions with landscaping are changing, and now, more than ever, they need to be. I know first and foremost everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing landscape, but what are some other factors to consider? In order of importance, I consider these the top three …

By Darien Davies Several months after Rodney Mayo took it upon himself to help the restaurant community who was hit hard during the pandemic, he’s at it again. Hospitality Helping Hands (H3), the non-profit he started to provide hot meals to those facing food insecurity due to losing their jobs, and Howley’s Restaurant will be …

A new way to surf is coming to Florida thanks, in part, to the artificial wave.

Local bartenders make the most of a bitter situation. By Darien Davies   Even though many of us learned how to be our own best (or worst) bartenders during the pandemic, there is nothing quite like going out to your favorite bar and watching your favorite bartender sling you the tastiest drink in town. While …