Happy Thankful [for Hospitality Helping Hands’] Giving

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WaveGarden Plans to Make a Splash In South Florida

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Learning from COVID: Bartenders Shaking it Up

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The Juice Stop In Jupiter “Spreads the Love” With Organic Eats

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5 Must-Try Fall-Themed Beers In South Florida

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Making a Difference With Delray Nonprofit Community Greening

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Small business owners open up about lessons learned amid COVID-19. By Darien Davies   As a normal human being, living through the coronavirus pandemic is hard enough. You’re trying to juggle keeping a job or finding a job, masking up, staying safe and sane in a socially-distanced world, and figuring out how to move forward. …

By Kayla Ziadie   We’re already nine months into one of the most chaotic years ever. And truth be told, things have been hectic, so we’re overdue in starting that “find a new hobby” resolution. But, hey, there’s no time like the present to discover a new passion that could change your life for the …

By David Rolland   2020 has been a rough go for music lovers. They might have their stacks of vinyl and an infinite content of music on the web, but for an audiophile, there’s nothing like going out to see a live show. Whether it’s to sing along to their favorite song or the chance …

Hard seltzer is here to stay. By Nicole Danna   It’s not just for summer. It’s not just for millennials. It’s not just for the calorie counters. And it’s certainly not just for girls. Categorized within the flavored malt beverage category, hard seltzers are becoming a hot sector of the craft beverage market, and everyone …

Cure your quarantine cabin fever. By Kayla Ziadie   In case you haven’t heard, we’re five months into an international pandemic, and the delirium of staying home is getting real. Walks around the neighborhood and weekly trips to Publix can only keep a family sane for so long. Fortunately, cases are lowering in South Florida …

Ten of the best brewskis in PBC. By Nicole Danna   These days, an IPA can be almost anything. Hazy or clear. Dry or juicy. Bold or mellow. Sweet or bitter. Soft or crisp. Piney or fruity. Take your pick — there’s a style, variety, and iteration for nearly every palate preference. The Brewers Association …