Catherine Girard

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Temperance Training

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Catherine Girard shapes surfboard in Boca Raton

Shaping Her Future, One Board at a Time By Darien Davies It’s almost one of those stories of “who found whom?” or “who saved whom?” but this version involves the ocean, longboards and purpose. Catherine Girard spent the beginning part of her life in Québec before moving to Florida at the age of 19, where she began …

Temperance Training owner, Anthony Fazio faces away from the camera during a CrossFit class.

Passion. Community. Progress.  By Rhys Arden Sobriety can be a difficult road, especially if you have to go it alone. In fact, according to American Addiction Centers, recent drug relapse statistics show that more than 85% of individuals relapse and return to drug use within the year following treatment. So what makes those practicing sobriety …