Tac’n Bout Tacos

At Atlantic Current, we’re all about hot button issues, which is why we’re finally addressing some must-try tacos. We respect your right to choose flour or corn. We also recognize hard shells have their merits. We’re here not to judge, but to guide your decision-making process. So, we’ve rallied some of the community’s favorite tacos and gotten to know why they’re favorites.

Taco Chula — Vegetarian Taco

Some days it can be difficult to get all your veggies in. The vegetarian taco at Taco Chula can help. It’s packed with grilled peppers and onions, tomatoes and avocado, along with refried beans, cotija cheese and topped with cilantro. And, after this taco, you’ll surely deserve a treat that can be conveniently found next door at Chulados, Taco Chula’s ice cream shop. They have more than 30 flavors of homemade Mexican ice cream and paletas — ice pops, for the gringos.

“The vegetarian taco is a favorite for many reasons. It’s versatile and customizable, packed with fresh ingredients. The vegetarian taco also appeals to those seeking a healthier version but incredibly delicious taco, even for non-vegetarians.” – Dahiana Lainfiesta, CFO

10800 N. Military Trail, Palm Beach Gardens

Zipitios Carnitas de Puerco Taco
Photo by Niria Perez

Zipitios — Tacos de Carnitas de Puerco

Last year, Zipitios upgraded from Grandview Public Market to a larger space in Industry Alley. Don’t worry, their Mesoamerican dishes hit just the same. One of their best sellers, the Carnitas de Puerco, is a perfect example of how culture inspires all their menu items.

“We knew when we opened we needed to highlight a taco that our families love and eat when we get together: carnitas. They originate in the State of Michoacan where Niria is from and although different than what you will find in Zinapecuaro, Mich., our version feeds the foodie in us; the crispy edges, our house salsa verde, the cilantro and onions — you can’t beat the simplicity. Pair this with a cold beer or a Mexican Coca Cola y te cura el alma (it will heal your soul).” – Ricky Perez, Chef and Co-Owner

2676 Florida Ave., West Palm Beach

Kapow Lobster Taco
Photo by Julia Rose

Kapow! — Shimoda Lobster Gyoza Tacos

This taco is a bit of a curve ball, but trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Kapow!, known for their Southeast Asian cuisine, is constantly defying expectations with their funky — and delicious — menu items. You may be familiar with their Ahi Tuna Poke Gyoza Tacos, now get ready to be introduced to their Shimoda Lobster Gyoza Tacos.

“These Tacos are one of our favorite snacks so we placed them on our recently modified menu for our guests to enjoy as they were frequently requested. We let the star of the show, being the lobster, really shine by complementing its subtle flavor instead of masking it in a ton of sauce. We source the freshest young North Atlantic Lobsters, which are cooked by simply steaming them whole to retain all their natural flavors. We then pull the meat from the bodies and dress it lightly in an aji amarillo sauce that has a touch of coconut, heat and creaminess with a pinch of fresh scallion and daikon radish for added crunch. We then fill our gyoza taco ‘shells,’ which are prepared fresh daily with a bright and refreshing avocado and yuzu purée before generously stuffing each taco with our dressed lobster mixture. Lastly, we garnish each taco with chili threads, which have a very light hint of smokiness, leaving you craving the next bite!” – Angelo Arboleda, Culinary Director

519 Clematis St., West Palm Beach
402 Plaza Real, Boca Raton

El Camino Carnitas Taco.
Photo Courtesy of El Camino Restaurants

El Camino — Carnitas Tacos

No matter which corner of Palm Beach County you call home, El Camino is likely close at hand with their Mexican soul food. Everything is made in house, with locally sourced ingredients. We got a peak into the intricacies of the Carnitas Tacos.

“Carnitas Tacos are a fan favorite for sure, as they pay homage to how they are traditionally done in Mexico. It’s prepared with corn tortillas dipped in manteca, topped with fundido cheese, and then toasted on the plancha. The main ingredient is braised pork shoulder that is cooked slow and low with orange slices, chiles, and spices to pull out the full flavor of the meat. The taco is then topped off with serrano salsa, raw white onion, and cilantro to finish off the dish. The combination of the toasted tortilla, melted cheese, full flavor of the carnitas and then balanced with the salsa is a home run for sure.

We pour this same type of love in all our tacos, and for sure regardless of your preference we will have one of your favorite tacos on our list. We have a wide selection for everyone, meat lovers, fish lovers, vegetable lovers, and regardless of preference, will have a favorite taco for you.”
– Francis Lake, VP of Operations, Modern Restaurant Group

700 S. Rosemary Ave. Suite 232 Floor 2, West Palm Beach
15 NE. Second Ave., Delray Beach
5377 Town Center Road Unit #100, Boca Raton

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