Take the Plunge into Dip Hair Care

If you’re like us and you spend a lot of time in and out of the water and hours in the sun, your hair is likely suffering the consequences. There’s a thin line between beachy, sun kissed strands and hair that’s been frazzled by salt and sun. Lately, we’ve been testing out Dip, a haircare company that manufactures shampoo and conditioner bars with the goal of replacing your plastic-ridden current hair care routine.

Now, if we almost just lost you at the mention of solid shampoo and conditioner — maybe you’ve been burned by bars before or maybe you just can’t live without your luxury hair care — hang in there with us for a bit. Dip was started with the goal of functioning at a luxury standard first, while being sustainable second. They acknowledge that if their product isn’t just as good, people will go back to whatever is better, to the detriment of reducing plastic waste.

We think they knocked it out of the park. The shampoo bar isn’t chalky and doesn’t tug on your hair. The conditioner bar leaves your locks feeling silky and moisturized. The product we think is most worth the dip into sustainable hair care — especially for our ocean lovers — is the Sun Shield Conditioner & After Swim Detangler. It’s formulated with UV protecting ingredients and heat protectants. We’ve been popping it in our beach bag (it doesn’t melt!) to apply to wet hair after rinsing the salt out for an air dry that’s effortless in practice but not in appearance.

Dip bars can also last a lot longer than a typical bottle of shampoo or conditioner and help nip some of your overconsumption. We’ve been using them for about a month and they practically look like they just came out of the package. Be sure to store the bars in a container that doesn’t hold liquid to encourage longevity.

If you’re looking to reduce your plastic waste or just want to nourish your hair without succumbing to luxury hair care, we think Dip is worth the plunge. 



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