Jeramie Vaine of Blueline Paddle Co.

“Pre-paddle foods can vary depending on the type of paddle, peanut butter is one of my favorite quick snacks or a smoothie from Modern Juice, Soul Rebel or Golden Juicery. Post paddle may consist of something a bit heartier like a poke bowl from Modern Juice or the avocado, mango, bacon salad or burger from Guanabanas. “


Christine Jarman of FAU Beach Volleyball

“At home, I eat oatmeal mixed with Greek yogurt for protein and then add a banana, some cinnamon, and a little peanut butter on top with my morning coffee. After a long day of training, I enjoy eggs with green peppers and a sweet potato. It is a delicious meal and easy to make. “


Anna Leigh Waters, Professional Pickleball Player

“Before a match or tournament I always have a big breakfast which includes eggs, egg whites, fruit, and toast. During the tournament day I will snack on rice cakes, protein bars, and apples. After a tournament day I will usually have a big dinner because I am starving haha. A lot of times I will have Italian food like chicken parmigiana to end the day!”


Guanabanas mango salad inJupiter, FL.

Alex Celis of Celis Juice Bar

“For pre runs I like to put something in my system like a smoothie or a couple pieces of fruit. It’s light and gives me some carbs for the run. I like to eat something as soon as possible after my run so I typically go to Tropical Smokehouse, a great BBQ spot down the street from our store or some tacos from Cholo Soy, they always hit the spot.”


Brittany McKay of Hamsa Power Yoga

“Foods with natural sugars are great before a yoga class (especially a heated class). Think apples, banana, oranges, or veggie + fruit smoothies are great with added pea protein! After teaching or taking a hot class, eat whatever is calling your name! I like to keep my energy up with a smoothie or veggie protein bowl.”


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