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Cookies are more than just a realtor’s trick for an aromatic house, or a digital pop-up so frequent it should have its own section on our weekly screen time report. Cookies, though fairly universal, can be quite personal. We happen to know a few spots to find killer cookies (outside your browser) that will leave a much better taste in your mouth. Though, we couldn’t get them to divulge recipes, a feature is a pretty tasty runner up. Check out these restaurants and try their signature cookies — entrée or no entrée.

Oceano Kitchen — Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie

Photo by Dustin Wright

“When we first opened Oceano at our previous location I made chocolate chip cherry toffee cookies and they were such a hit that we decided they had to be on the menu daily. After a few years I switched it to our current salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. I brown the butter for the cookies and use a combination of chocolate chunks and 55% Valrhona chocolate. Our house-made salted caramel is piped into the center of each cookie before being baked. Many guests purchase a cookie to eat at the end of their meal and also a few extra to take home with them.” – Cindy Bearman, Pastry Chef and Owner

512 Lucerne Ave., Lake Worth

Cookie from Tropical Smokehouse in West Palm Beach.

Tropical Smokehouse — Cowboy Cookie

“We brought the Cowboy cookie to the menu at Tropical because it’s one of my favorite cookies, containing a little bit of everything. I love the combination of an oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, walnut and coconut added in. That makes it so fun to eat. The recipe is an old Texas recipe and I’ve used it for years previously when I was cooking as a chef in Tennessee.” – Chef Rick Mace, Owner, Executive Chef, Pitmaster

3815 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach

Cookies from Buccan Palm Beach.
Photo by In House Creative

Buccan — Chocolate Chip Cookie

Photo by In House Creative

“We try and use the highest quality ingredients in our cookies. We use a lot of Callebaut chocolate and top them with Maldon salt. I love the sweet and salty combo that it brings together.” – Clay Conley, Chef, Co-Owner

(Buccan’s cookies can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.)

350 S. County Rd, Palm Beach

Cookies from Stage Kitchen in Palm Beach Gardens.
Photo by Libby Vision

Stage Kitchen and Bar — Triple Chocolate Cookie

Photo by Libby Vision

“What everyone loves about our Triple Chocolate Cookie is the rich flavor derived from the three types of chocolate we use: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. [It’s] super decadent yet surprisingly balanced thanks to the dark chocolate. And who doesn’t love crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside!” – Anthony Moses, Executive Sous Chef

2000 PGA Blvd., Suite 5502, Palm Beach Gardens

Cookies from Hibiscus Streatery in Jupiter.

Hibiscus Streatery — Guava and Cream Cheese Cookie

“I was born and raised in Colombia where the combination of guava and cheese has been a very desired snack among all generations. When I was a child I loved eating breads with guava and cheese and that flavor has always been engraved in my memory. A couple of years ago, working at Hibiscus I remembered that part of my childhood and I thought it would be a good idea to make some cookies with this combination. I made them and I never thought they would love them. But since that day, I have not stopped making them. The recipe is very easy, it has few ingredients, definitely guava and cream cheese are the protagonists, flour, butter, sugar, eggs, 15 minutes in the oven and enjoy!” – Jamie Seija, Pastry Chef

326 Hibiscus St., Jupiter

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