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Dip Already

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South Florida Surf Forecasting with James Wieland

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Damien LeRoy

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Dip Already Sun Shield hair care bar.

Lately, we’ve been testing out Dip, a hair care company that manufactures shampoo and conditioner bars for a more sustainable wash.

Surf Forecasting with James Wieland.

James, WPTV Meteorologist, also known as the “Surf n’ Weatherman” shared with us his process and how he determines where and when a swell will hit based on the factors below.

Damien LeRoy professional kiterboarder.

Former professional skier turned professional kiteboarder, Damien LeRoy, shares his tumultuous story of perseverance.

Photographer Ben Hicks on a shoot in Palm Beach County

Follow along to experience a day (or morning, rather) in the life of Ben Hicks.

Sofia Gamboa surfing in Deerfield Beach, FL.

It doesn’t take long to see the passion that Sofia Gamboa has for surfing. During our photo shoot, the conversation quickly went to where she normally parks at Trespass in Deerfield Beach to surf, and how it just doesn’t break like it used to.

Sunscreen Guide for Atlantic Current Magazine. Supergoop!, Coola, Vacation, and Sun Bum.

Choosing a sunscreen is like choosing a board: you want one that feels personally tailored to you.

Cover of Darin Back's book "East Coast Surfers." The cover features young surfer, Shane Konrad

Cocoa Beach Photographer’s New Photo Book Portrays East Coast Surfers By: David Rolland Maybe it was because he was born in landlocked Minnesota, but photographer Darin Back has always been …