R&R at Amrit Ocean Resort

By Haley Dockendorff

Photos by Ken Hayden

Imagine this: You’re on vacation and wake up in a luxurious suite. You turn to see the sweeping view of the ocean from your bedroom balcony and breathe in the fresh air. Your day consists of lounging at the pool under a cabana and drinking champagne, then heading to the wellness center and spa to try the state-of-the-art hydrotherapy circuit and and get an acupuncture treatment. The day ends with dinner and a bottle of wine perfectly paired with your authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Sounds like a vacation somewhere in Europe or the islands, right?

Think again, my friends. It’s right at home in Palm Beach County. Amrit Ocean Resort is now open to the public, and we’re intrigued by what this luxury getaway and wellness destination has in store. Remember that less-than-enjoyable massage you got on your vacation to a seedy all-inclusive in Cancun years ago? We’re looking for the opposite of that.

Amrit is focused on wellness, so it’s no surprise that the spa — spanning four stories and over one hundred thousand square feet — is considered the heart of this resort. The focus is on balancing energy, aligning chakras and finding mindfulness within fitness. Spa treatments include ashiatsu and shiatsu massages, reiki experiences, reflexology, manual lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral therapy, myofascial release, facials and more.

Here are the top three things we’re most excited to try at Amrit Wellness & Spa:

The Amrit Ocean on Singer Island. Hyperbaric Chamber.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Okay…this might look scary, but we’ve heard this thing comes with some pretty crazy benefits. In one of these contraptions, the air pressure is increased by two or three times, allowing you to gather more oxygen in your lungs per breath. The process of inhaling more pure oxygen than normal promotes healing and growth factors in your tissue cells, as tissue lives on oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used to heal things like burns, radiation injuries, bacterial infections, anemia, and more.

Aayush Hydrotherapy Circuit (coming this summer)

Amrit will be home to the only indoor/outdoor hydrothermal experience in the lovely Sunshine State. This part of the spa is complete with several pools, a steam and sauna room, an effusion shower, and even an inhalation salt therapy chamber, which can be used to combat mental lethargy. The effusion shower sounds like a must-try, mimicking a rainstorm with “soothing mists” and an “arctic chill.”

The Amrit Ocean on Singer Island. Red light therapy.

Sound and Light Therapies

Singing bowls are believed to have shown up in Tibet, Nepal, and India over 2,000 years ago. Amrit offers Tibetan sound bowl chakra balancing as well as other therapies like sound wave therapy, and they even have an infrared LED light therapy bed. These services are offered individually, but mainly as part of Amrit’s integrated health offerings. These offerings include assessments in personal wellness, nutrition, metabolic fitness. and more. Based on the assessments, performed by in-house experts, wellness services like different sound and light therapies can be recommended. 

The spa also offers fitness classes like Pilates, yoga, or HIIT if you’re looking to get moving, and a fitness center that is accessible to all guests.

So, enrich all five pillars of wellness: mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, relaxation, and sleep, and do it all right in the comfort of Singer Island. Nothing better than a staycation!

3100 N. Ocean Drive, Singer Island

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