Behind The Piece w/ Craig McInnis

Way back when in my art school days, it was most important to first and foremost have a socially conscious voice in my artwork. My favorite subject matter was socially aware leanings, usually regarding political influence, greed, war, and environmental travesty.

Upon graduating, I was teaching myself Photoshop and I decided to mock up a piece about global warming. I was trying to sharpen my skills of morphing things together with my newly found medium, as previously I had been a 100% hands-on artist. This is where “PIGGY” originally existed; only in a digital format.

Just this past year a friend, cohort, business partner and mentor (Rolando Barrero) was putting together a show at his gallery “THE BOX” in the theme of climate art. The first thing I thought of was this old digital “mock up” I had named “PIGGY.” So I went about purchasing myself a nice big (4’x4’) canvas, excited to revisit an old friend in an artistic theme I was still very much interested in speaking about through my art.

Artistically and technique wise, “PIGGY” was a great challenge as much of the painting is flesh tones and other texture balance. I set about using knowledge given to me in my first acrylic painting classes in art school, achieving depth through glazing. After a classic push and pull, multi-session scenario in which I typically have moments of glee mixed with bouts of doubt and frustration (a.k.a. the “artistic process”), I arrived at a product I was happy with.

I employed my favorite blending techniques to bring forth the soft fades that my original photoshop rendering had but adding a more solid base through tight edges. I have very much enjoyed the reactions and discussions that “PIGGY” has made happen when he has been in public view. I am hoping the discussion continues and even perhaps inspires people to take action. If we all start to care enough to make a difference in the footprints we leave behind on this planet, we will be helping to advance human history and forge a progressive path.”


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