Tropical Smokehouse Photo Recap

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Popstroke Comes to Delray Beach

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Live Music in Deerfield Beach

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Iggy Pazz surfing and art.

We’d argue that surfing is something of an art form and it’s no wonder that artists of many media find inspiration from the sport.

Local Palm Beach County artist Sarah LaPierre at her studio inside The Peach art collective in West Palm Beach.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sarah LaPierre’s art, she showcases the best parts of Florida with an impasto tecnique.

Aquaponics by Marine Education Initiative in Boca Raton Fl.

Aquaponics is an example of the possibilities of sustainable farming and consequently, the conservation of our oceans and ecosystem

Howley's in West Palm Beach, Florida. Open for late night food.

We’ve got a list of stops that are open late to quench the foodie in you while also satisfying those late-night needs.

Mark Buncy skateboarding. Competed at VSSE.

For father and son duo, Mark and Alex Buncy, skateboarding is more than a lifestyle, it’s the lifestyle.

Surge x Marlins at the Boys and Girls Club Miami in front of his freshly painted mural.

Surge calls his brand of art postgraffisim. His colorful, pop-culture inspired artwork has flourished all over South Florida.

The Poke Company. Bowls in Palm Beach County, Fl.

Here in Palm Beach County, bowls have quickly become part of our go-to with local chains that offer self-assembled bowls for every taste.

Solbello Shade.

Meet Solbello, the umbrella that not only endures South Florida’s winds but thrives in them.

Beach Bucket Foundation in Palm Beach County

Beach Bucket Foundation, a local group that works to preserve our beaches and oceans.

Bajio Sunglasses

This New Smyrna company is gaining a reputation as the clearest fishing sunglasses on the market.

Ola Feroz. Local bikini brand.

Keep things local by purchasing a local bikini and find a world of captivating designs that go far beyond what big box stores are selling.

Tropical BBQ Market in West Palm Beach. Tropical Smokehouse brand.

Fans of Tropical Smokehouse on Dixie will be pleased to hear that a second location, Tropical BBQ Market, has opened.

The Van, Surf & Skate Expo

This year’s Van, Surf & Skate Expo on Nov. 4 and 5 will accomplish much of the same as years past. Patrons can experience a slice of nomadic van life, watch blanks become surf boards, listen to live music, and witness (or compete in) the skating competition.

Surf Forecasting with James Wieland.

James, WPTV Meteorologist, also known as the “Surf n’ Weatherman” shared with us his process and how he determines where and when a swell will hit based on the factors below.

Damien LeRoy professional kiterboarder.

Former professional skier turned professional kiteboarder, Damien LeRoy, shares his tumultuous story of perseverance.

Photographer Ben Hicks on a shoot in Palm Beach County

Follow along to experience a day (or morning, rather) in the life of Ben Hicks.

Sofia Gamboa surfing in Deerfield Beach, FL.

It doesn’t take long to see the passion that Sofia Gamboa has for surfing. During our photo shoot, the conversation quickly went to where she normally parks at Trespass in Deerfield Beach to surf, and how it just doesn’t break like it used to.

Sur La Table cooking classes in West Palm Beach

For the fateful occurrences when you decide you can no longer stick it out in the ninety degree weather, you need some activities on hand that are both fun, and air conditioned.

Sarah LaPierre and Gaby Viteri for the Pink Waves Art Exhibit.

Sarah LaPierre and Gaby Viteri are coming together to introduce the inaugural Pink Waves exhibit at The Peach in West Palm Beach this October.

West Palm Beach Wine Co. Summer wines.

Our friends at West Wine Co., Michael and Theresa, picked four of their favorites for summer with our readers in mind.

Bumblefest 2023 by PureHoney Magazine.

Bumblefest, the annual Labor Day weekend music festival, exposes locals to as many quality sounds as their eardrums will allow.

Sunset Tequila and Mezcal Festival in Boca raton.

Back for its second year, the Sunset Tequila & Mezcal Festival is ready to help you make some super fun and super bad decisions.

Kapow! West Palm Beach happy hour.

We’re sharing a few of our favorite restaurants participating in Flavor Palm Beach 2023 so you can get the most bang for your local buck.

Joey Calderaio band is going on tour with Lot 49.

The Stay Golden Tour features ten shows including local dates on Sept. 27 at Boca Raton’s Crazy Uncle Mike’s and Sept. 30 at Stuart’s Terra Fermata Tiki Bar.

Cove Brewery in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Deerfield Beach’s first brewery, Cove Brewery, is the ultimate island-y spot for a brew between sets.

Rosewater Rooftop at The Ray in Delray Beach

Here’s how to enjoy all the things that make the area so great, like water sports and delicious food, without leaving Delray.

Hydro Flask trade in program.

With summer rounding the corner, it’s a non-negotiable to have cold drinks on hand as you spend days by the shore enjoying the beach, on the waves enjoying the ocean, and anywhere else in the great outdoors your summer vacations might bring you.

Golden Juicery. Juice spots in Jupiter.

There’s quite a few options of where to get cold-pressed juice. We’ve created this guide to make that decision a little simpler. Or, more likely, so that you can try each spot.

Sandwich from Buccan sandwich shop in Palm Beach County.

If you find yourself in the Palm Beach area around lunchtime, you absolutely must find yourself at a Buccan Sandwich Shop.

Greg Panas Blueline straw hat. Summer gear guide.

We put together this guide of gear you may need this summer to take some of the guess work out of it.