Our Commandments for a Successful Road Trip

Chip in for gas.
For shorter journeys there’s a bit of a grey area on paying for gas when you’re not driving, but if you’re on a full on road trip and don’t split gas? You’ve got to be kidding.

Whatever you do, don’t forget deodorant.
It’s being considerate, that’s all.

Bathroom breaks taken at every stop.
In an ideal road trip, break stops are taken as infrequently as possible. The best way to limit them is to use the little girls or boys room every time you stop for gas. We don’t care if you don’t have to go. You will try.

No gas station sushi.
You’d think this would go without saying. There are just some foods that are absolutely off limits during a road trip, and sushi is, without a doubt, one of them. It’s best to leave room for as few variables as possible when it comes to snacks from a gas station and sushi has way too many factors involved that could go very wrong. Opt for something mass manufactured and pre-packaged like jerky, nuts, or chips.

Keep hand sanitizer handy.
Pun intended. 

Spare napkins should be collected like gold.
Similar, to the hand sanitizer commandment, napkins are very valuable on a road trip. The glove box was designed for the function of storing them.

Some quiet time is necessary.
Every spare moment doesn’t need to be filled with chatter. Sometimes you have to listen to the radio and gaze out the window like you’re in the montage scene of your coming of age movie.

No, we won’t hear any critique, which is ironic.

The copilot is the navigator and snack hander-outer.
Also, the designated DJ.

No “Are we there yet?” bullshit.
We know you see the ETA on the GPS.


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