Kapow Boca Raton Introduces Omakase Dining Experience

Kapow is introducing omakase seatings at their Boca Raton location. Omakase is a  unique dining experience rooted in Japanese tradition and roughly translates to “we leave it up to the chef,” implying exactly what you think: no menus and no ordering.

Kapow, known for their modern take on traditional Asian dishes, is constantly upping their dining standards by ensuring a visit to the restaurant delves further than just food. Whether it’s being two drinks deep in one of their private karaoke rooms or attending an all-out holiday-themed dining night. Omakase fits right in. 

Of course, exceptions can be made for allergies, but otherwise the menu is completely in the hands of your chef. Understandably, the experience can differ greatly depending on your chef’s training, tastes and philosophy.

This method of dining is exclusive and allows patrons to explore cuisine in a new and exciting way. It also requires a fair amount of trust in your chef. At Kapow, Nicholas Corral, an omakase chef out of Miami, adds his personal flair to each dish to fuse traditional and contemporary flavors. The beauty of omakase is that no experience is the same.

Omakase at Kapow Boca Raton.

There is some order, however, in Kapow’s omakase. Chef Corral will be working off two preselected seatings that will tailor the experience. The two seatings are available Wednesday through Sunday.

  • 6 PM Seating: An 8-course chef-selected menu, commencing with a welcome sake. Priced at $85, this offering is an ideal introduction to the world of Omakase.
  • 8 PM Seating: A 12-course extravaganza with three sake pairings. Priced at $150, this experience caters to culinary aficionados seeking a deeper exploration of Japanese cuisine.

We’re just glad these parameters will keep us from unknowingly racking up an insane bill. Co-owner Vaughan Dugan echoed this. “Presenting an omakase that is authentic yet approachable, we strip away the pretenses that often accompany fine dining. Our objective is to deliver an educational experience and artistry without breaking the bank,” he said.

Signature dishes include aged bluefin akami with dehydrated red miso, Hokkaido scallop with white truffle salt, and A5 wagyu with brown butter miso. Sake choices have also been carefully curated by Vaughan, as sake sommelier.

Are you ready to put your dinner’s fate in Chef Corral’s hands?

402 Plaza Real, Boca Raton

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