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Brittany McKay of Hamsa Yoga in Palm Beach Count, Florida.

Featuring Brittany McKay of Hamsa Power Yoga

By Ava Bourbeau

If you roll over in bed in the morning and blindly pat around for your phone before you even wipe the sleep from your eyes, then keep reading — this is for you. If you sit at a desk all day only moving to pour into your coffee cup while energy drains out of you, then keep reading — this is for you. If you live an active lifestyle, but you’re always pulling this muscle or rolling that joint, then keep reading — this is for you.

There’s a preconception that yoga can only take place in a mirror-lined room wearing a matching workout set, but we’re here to share with you how you can incorporate a yoga practice into your everyday life. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi and want a few fallback poses for when you’re at home, or you’re new to the yoga practice and need a place to start, this is for you.

About Hamsa and Brittany

When Brittany McKay, co-owner of Hamsa Power Yoga in Jupiter, came to the practice of yoga, she was struggling with depression, trauma and chronic back pain. Through mindful movement in yoga, she was able to heal. “Yoga saved my physical health, which saved my mental health,” she said. That’s obviously the short version of a nuanced story.

Fast forward to now, and her mission is creating a yoga community that makes people feel deeply embraced and acknowledged. Hamsa was created out of that purpose. Brittany and Jamie Tarasuk, friend and now business partner, opened Hamsa in 2019 and have been unwavering in establishing a studio free of judgment, gossip, and expectations. Instructors take part in inclusivity training, and the studio’s mantra is “Yoga for Every Body.” The goal? To take the exclusivity out of the wellness movement.

We at Atlantic Current were lucky enough to work with Brittany to create a curated day of yoga flows for our readers and
if you bring in your copy of the mag, you will receive a free yoga class at Hamsa. So, there’s nothing holding you back from hitting the mat.


Morning Yoga

Rising with the sun: your morning practice is intended to wake up your spine, hips and shoulders


Midday Yoga

Most active with the highest sun: your midday practice is intended to balance energy and root your body back down to Earth

Evening Yoga

Gentle with the setting sun: your evening practice is intended to undo the stress of the day and prepare your body for rest

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