My name is Chelsea Erwin and I am a destination wedding, fashion and underwater photographer. I’m lucky enough to travel all over the world to photograph in love couples! I am based in South Florida where I live with my husband on a farm with our goats, pig, dogs, cats and bunny. I have been shooting photos for as long as I can remember and started my business about 10 years ago.

“This photo was taken in Exuma in the Bahamas for Taylor Buczynski and Ryan Heavyside’s engagement session, or as I call them adventure sessions. The Bahamas is known for its beautiful water and I knew I wanted to capture something a little different. When you think of the Bahamas you might not envision beautiful white cliffs. Ryan and Taylor told me about a unique island just a quick boat ride north of Staniel Cay. This little island has tiny iguanas all over it, in fact if you look closely you can see a little guy chilling on the beach. We hopped on the boat to head over to the island and once we got close I noticed the beautiful white cliffs and knew I had to get a shot of these somehow. To get this shot I threw my camera into my SPL waterhousing and swam out into the middle of the water. I wanted to get the water and the entire cliff into the shot. The water in Exuma is so clear! Typically I like to shoot in late afternoon light but shooting in the mid day sun in the Bahamas really makes the water come alive. This day the sun was bright and the water was so clear it looked like a pool. I had Ryan and Taylor walk slowly across the waterline and waited until they were in the right spot. The funny thing was I didn’t even notice the little iguana on the beach until I started editing the photo. Sometimes you just get lucky!”


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