Iggy Pazz & and Her Surfing Inspiration

By Rachel Levy

Photos by Zach Guinta

We’d argue that surfing is something of an art form. From the smooth lines of a forming set to the steady crescendo of dropping in on the best wave of the day, it’s no wonder that artists of many media find inspiration from the sport.

Ignacia Tubero, known in the art world as Iggy Pazz, is one of those artists whose creative journey has been shaped by a passion for surfing and a love for art.

“Surfing has been a part of my life from a young age,” she shared of the sport. “I found that the creative flow of drawing lines in the waves is similar to how I express myself through art. Just as surfing requires an understanding of the ocean’s ebb and flow, art requires a similar symbiosis between the creator and the medium.”

On a surf trip in Nicaragua, she reconnected with the ocean and was inspired to once again share her experiences of the world through art. “Everything I create is inspired by my experiences in nature and the ocean,” she said. “My art aims to show the different emotions you can feel when you’re close to nature, like the ocean’s calm and its power. I often use natural shapes and textures in my work, like waves and plants.” Through her illustrations, Iggy combines her diverse life experiences and surf lifestyle to create digital works of art that incorporate techniques reminiscent of block printing and collaging.

Iggy Pazz artwork.

“Entering the right mindset is vital for my artistic workflow,” she shared. Unsurprisingly, she gets into this mindset with the aid of one of her favorite early morning rituals: surfing. “This not only stimulates my body but also clears my mind. The rhythm of the ocean sets the tone for the rest of my day,” Iggy said. After a quick surf session, Iggy sets up shop in her workspace and sets the mood with some background music and a cup of coffee before getting the creative juices flowing.

A lot of the work she produces as Iggy Pazz sources inspiration from her Chilean roots. From the patterns of the local textiles she grew up around to the natural palettes of the rugged landscape, she said she cherishes her connection to the people and places of the country. “[All of this] contributes to the adventurous spirit that my art embodies,” she said.

Her art has gained popularity in recent years and she is enjoying exciting collaborations with surf shops around the world like Drifter Surf Shop in Indonesia and Lunazul Surf School & Shop in Mexico. Much to everyone’s excitement, artwork from both collaborations will be out soon.

As a surfer, Iggy believes that it is her duty to give back to the ocean in the same way that it is always offering so much to her. In this spirit of reciprocation, she hopes to work on collaborations with organizations in the non-profit ocean conservation sector to help take care of the resource that has always been at the center of her life. In addition to this, Iggy also has big hopes for a more personal project: her own brand. “One of my biggest future goals is to someday create my own brand, as I have helped so many clients create their own.”

Iggy Pazz surfing.

Between her work as an artist and her skill as a surfer, Iggy’s creative spirit and dedication to empowerment and sustainability are sure to leave an indelible mark on the world around her. “In essence,” she shared, “both surfing and art provide an outlet for my self-expression. They are complementary to one another as both fill my soul and shape my worldview, inspiring me to create pieces that resonate with an ethos of freedom, empowerment, and connection with the natural world.”


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