Modern Juice Co.

So Simple, And That’s A Good Thing

By Natalya Jones

Photos: Jack Bates

“Modern Juice Co. was started by a small group of friends who were looking for a lifestyle change and simply started making customized juices from home,” said Jon Sullivan. As with all good startups, the humble beginning expanded into a more solid business plan, with larger equipment, more intricate recipes and people who wanted to join the team. The concept was refined into opening a juice bar with no refined sugar and with the creators adding healthy smoothies and juices into their daily lives.

Sullivan himself has been positively impacted by the smoothies. “I have been on an extensive lifestyle transformational journey over the past 3 years,” he said.  “It began with simple protein shakes after a killer workout at Hard Exercise Works, and then slowly developed into occasional meal replacement blends.  Over the past 3 years I have lost close to 50lbs that can be attributed to the complete lifestyle change.  I was a huge sugar addict, so in the beginning I used a lot of sweet fruits to cover the cravings, and eventually progressed to the greens and veggies.”

When asked how Modern Juice stood out from its competitors, Sullivan explained, “Our mission is to change people’s perspectives on what a healthy smoothie should be.  Jamba Juice, Tropical Smoothie, Smoothie King, etc all use large amounts of sugar in their products and they sell a ‘lifestyle’ that isn’t achievable when you consume that much sugar in your daily diet.  Our main goal is to find ways to use natural ingredients to sweeten our product rather than simply adding sugar or any of its substitutes (turbinado, cane sugar, etc).  We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.”

Sullivan said Modern Juice’s most popular smoothies include the Banana Protein and the Straw-Nana. Banana protein is created with organic bananas, Garden of Life RAW Vanilla Protein and McCoy’s Honey, the latter two ingredients giving the smoothie a bit of a sweet taste. Straw-Nana, a kid’s favorite, is created with frozen bananas, strawberries and custom made cold pressed apple juice.

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Other menu items that have become very popular are Modern Juice’s acai bowls and other fruit bowls. Created with unsweetend acai from Sambazon, the acai bowl is a thick smoothie served in a bowl and topped with fruit and granola. Cold pressed juices are additional ingredients used. Pitaya Plus, which is frozen pitaya (dragonfruit) from Nicaragua, is also a popular ingredient in the fruit bowls.

The simplicity of the ingredients carries on into the interior of the restaurant as well. “We want the sensory experience to be about our smoothies and juices, not our furniture.  That’s what it’s all about.” adds Sullivan. With a company caring that much about your experience, how can you not give Modern Juice Co. a shot? Put your blender and your Magic Bullet down, and experience simplicity in its finest juice form.

Visit Modern Juice Co. at 287 E. Indiantown Road B10-A. Jupiter, FL 33477 and follow them on instagram @modernjuiceco

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