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Guide To Florida Springs

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Cloud 9 Adventures

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Another Shot of Whiskey and Off We Go

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A Different Kind of Spring Break Ready for a road trip? Our great state is home to some of the most incredible State Parks and fresh water springs anywhere, and the best thing is that each has something unique to offer.  We’re happy to present some of our favorites with bite size info to help …

The World’s Ultimate Backstage Pass by Joe Pregadio Cloud 9 represents a state of intense happiness. Total euphoria. It would seem that, in order to achieve this elevated state of consciousness one would have to depart on an epic journey compounded by legions of obstacles, unknown risks, and ambiguous paths. For many, the notion remains …

A Tale of Uproot Hootenanny’s Annual Trip To Ireland Written and Photographed by Liz Dzuro Deerfield Beach’s Uproot Hootenanny has been traveling to Ireland for nearly a decade. Each time they visit, there is always a mix of familiar and new. Along with seeing new places, Bassist Chris Bonelli and percussionist/singer Ojay Smith joined Brian …