Three Honks for the Future of Van Life

By Rachel Levy

Photos by Dustin Wright

When it comes to vacation rental essentials, a few things come to mind: quality air conditioning, a cozy bed and, of course, a fully functioning, clean kitchen. Now, put all of that — plus a whole lot more — on top of four wheels, give it a luxurious spin, and you’ve got a whole new way to enjoy your next vacation with Coastal Van Co.

Interior view of Coastal Van Co. Explorer.Avid adventurers and sisters-in-law Abigail and Erin Craddock established Coastal Van Co after a negative camper-van rental experience. They built this Delray Beach company from the ground up and designed their fleet in-house with the hope of making adventure more accessible and convenient for others. The Craddocks didn’t forget a thing, either, from French presses to solar power.

One of the standout features of Coastal Van Co is its commitment to environmental sustainability. The company has incorporated eco-friendly practices into its operations, utilizing fuel-efficient vehicles and implementing green initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. This dedication to responsible business practices adds an extra layer of appeal for environmentally conscious travelers.

Interior view of Coastal Van Co. Explorer.

They currently have two vans to choose from: aptly named The Explorer and The Explorer II. They were designed and built out with camping necessities top of mind. Both sleep two people, are pet friendly and offer unlimited mileage.

You can choose your own adventure or check out one of their preplanned itineraries to get a bit of inspiration. From a long weekend at Seven Sisters Springs to three days in West Palm Beach, these itineraries lay out a foolproof plan for making the most of any van life excursion.

Coastal Van Co is not merely a vacation rental service; it’s a gateway to hassle-free, comfortable, and environmentally responsible travel. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, a modern fleet, and a range of flexible services, you really can’t go wrong when you book your next getaway with them.

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