Riva Motorsports Yamaha Demo

Photos: Carl Dawson

The Riva Motorsports Yamaha Demo brought out riders of all ages to test out the latest and greatest gear from Yamaha’s nationwide tour. Young kids from 10 years old to adults who’ve been riding their whole life enjoyed the festivities. The demo bikes were free of charge, with a $15 entry fee into the Miami Motocross Park. But if you play your cards right, you can pick up a VIP pass at Riva Motorsports in advance of the demo.

The goal of Riva Motorsports is to let customers get a feel of the bike before making the purchase. About 8-9 bikes were brought out, making it one of the bigger demos. They also had brand new helmets, boots, and gear to get the true experience. This one in particular brought out about 200 people. It was very family oriented with food on the grill and plenty of smiles to go around.

Riva Motorsports also does watercraft demos. For future events, follow them on instagram @rivamotorsports

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