Roll the Windows Down and Cruise

The perfectly curated road trip playlist can make or break a trip, in our opinion. Rather than relying on our own personal taste and expertise when it comes to an ideal highway-cruising ballad, we asked some of our favorite local artists to supply our readers with their favorite road trip song and tell us why they love it. Together,
they’re a culmination of songs that are sure to get you in the traveling mood and inspire some pedal-to-the-metal stamina on long hauls. Somehow no one chose “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers, but we digress. 

Brett Staska

“Truck Drivin’ Man” by Buck Owens
“I’d have to say that Buck Owens’ 1965 version of ‘Truck Drivin’ Man’ would occupy the top spot for me. The get-up-and-go attitude of the song is perfect for kicking off a long road trip. It also showcases the superb musicianship of his longtime backing band, The Buckaroos, often regarded as one of the best in country music history.”

Logan Rex (Artikal Sound System)

“Going Up the Country” by Canned Heat
“It’s timeless and it was just made for ramblin’ through the American countryside.”

Ron Eisner (The Resolvers)

“It’s So Easy” by Margo & Mac
“Super fun groove and mantra-esque message. Simple production with vintage aesthetic. I actually heard it on a commercial. Found it interesting that it’s the only song this artist has out…but it’s a gem”

Bryce Allyn (Bryce Allyn Band)

“I Want You Back” by Hoodoo Gurus
“Road trips and music have been a way of life for me for as long as I can remember. Trying to pick just one favorite road trip song was a true challenge! After some deep thought and a drive down memory lane, I decided my favorite all time road trip song is ‘I Want You Back’ by the Australian rock band Hoodoo Gurus. I first heard this song on a surf video when I was a young grom and it instantly brought stoke and good vibes to our tight crew of friends. Over time it became the soundtrack to many memorable moments, epic surf trips and travels around the country. Whenever I hear this song I’m transported to my young teenage years and I’m reminded of all these amazing feelings I was experiencing.”

Joey Calderaio (Joey Calderaio Band)

“Take It Easy” by The Eagles
‘From the very first chord it brings back memories of being a child, driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains with my family. The mix of finger-style acoustic guitar playing along with the melodic electric guitar riffs instantly brings me a feeling of adventure and possibility. A few iconic lines include, ‘Well, I’m a-standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona’ and ‘It’s a girl, my Lord, in a flat-bed Ford.’ In fact, a public park named ‘Standin’ on the Corner Park’ in Winslow, Arizona opened in 1999 commemorating the lyrics from Take it Easy where you can see the ‘flat-bed Ford’ Glenn Frey was referring to. Whether you’re driving down the East Coast or through Winslow, Arizona, this song is the perfect road-tripping tune.’

JP Pitts (Surfer Blood)

“Mexico” by Husbands
“From the Beach Boy-quality harmonies to the surf-y melodic guitar sounds, this is a song that always hits good. On a road trip, this is a crowd pleaser and transcends genres. By the end of the song you have everyone in the car singing along. Try not to love this song…”

Allegra Miles

“Ventura Highway” by America
“This song feels like summer breezes and driving by the water. My whole family loves this song and we grew up listening to it in the summer months together.”

Brian Trew (Uproot Hootenanny)

“Lawdog” by Town Mountain
“This song came out right when Uproot Hootenanny was in
the height of traveling across the country. The first sustained ‘LAAAAWWWWWDOOOOOGGGG’ would get the whole van singing at the top of our lungs. The vocals and instrumentation on this song are awesome! Definitely always brings back great memories when I hear this track.”

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