Cecelia Feathers of Birdie Floral Truck 

To kick off our March series celebrating female business owners, we reached out to Cecelia Feathers of Birdie Floral Truck for a Q&A about being an entrepreneur. Cece’s flower truck can often be seen at The Square in West Palm Beach — blooms on full display — and other events around Palm Beach County. Her Instagram is the best way to follow petal trails to find her location. You can also book the Birdie truck for private events and parties. Making custom bouquets sounds like way more fun than decorating onesies if you ask us…

Read along as Cece shares some of her business savvy, accomplishments, and feelings on turning her passion project into a full-time job.

Atlantic Current: What does being a female entrepreneur mean to you?

Cecelia Feathers: Being a female entrepreneur is the embodiment of bravery to me. In the face of statistics that might make others hesitate, you are willingly signing yourself up for the challenges that entrepreneurship presents, fully aware of the uncertainties that lie ahead. It’s a path that is challenging, yet incredibly satisfying — a journey of embracing the unknown. It is, in the truest sense of the word, brave.

AC: How do you overcome obstacles in your business?

CF: I always embrace the mindset that everything is figure-out-able — yes, I did invent this word. I constantly remind myself of a quote from Ryan Holiday, “Obstacles are not setbacks but rather opportunities for growth and progress.” Patience is key. The solution is to lean in, commit to figuring it out and if that fails — phone a friend or mentor!!!

AC: What would you tell your younger self?

CF: I would tell her to stop what she’s doing & go read the book “Who Not How” by Dan Sullivan. The secret to success is not about doing everything yourself but about finding the right people (‘whos’) that will help you get there. This book changed my perspective on how I approach business and life. 

AC: What advice would you give other women looking to start businesses?

CF: Just start. It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of perfectionism or think that you need a laundry list of prerequisites before launching. The truth is, all you really need is the courage to take that first step. Don’t let the fear of imperfection hold you back. It’s okay not to have everything figured out from the start; that’s the beauty of entrepreneurship. What matters most is that you start — the rest will follow. 

AC: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your industry?

CF: Deciding to launch a flower truck business with no floral background was intimidating for me, having spent my entire career in marketing and events. I really struggled with imposter syndrome and feeling like I didn’t belong in the floral industry. Comparing myself to other seasoned florists was a big challenge for me. In a world where social media easily amplifies feelings of inadequacy, I found myself constantly measuring my success against others. I’ve learned to run my own race, steering clear of comparisons. Embracing this mindset has proven invaluable — I’m here, forging my own unique path, and it’s authentically me!

AC: What have been some of your proudest moments as a business owner?

CF: I’m immensely proud of the partnerships we’ve formed with global brands like Alice and Olivia and Jo Malone — brands I’ve admired for years. Doing activations for them is a dream come true. The vivid memory of surpassing six figures in revenue holds a special place for me, considering Birdie Floral Truck started as a passion project. It’s a testament to our hard work and dedication to bringing amazing experiences to our customers. I’m most proud of the relationships we’ve built in the South Florida community. Whether it’s a business letting us park on their property, or our loyal customers shopping the truck, or those who share us on social media or recommend us to friends — this is what has allowed us to continue to grow and thrive.



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