Chef Anthony Fiorini’s Favorite Dish at Luff’s Fish House

By Darien Davies

Chef Anthony Fiorini is the man behind Luff’s Fish House’s culinary magic, and has been the chef since it opened in 2017. “I enjoy creating dishes and playing with flavors,” said Fiorini, who began cooking with his father and grandmother when he was just 10 years old. “I also enjoy teaching people what I have learned from the chefs I worked for.”

Chef Anthony Fiorini

Luff’s features menu items that bring a taste of Key West to Boca Raton, and diners are invited to enjoy a laid-back vibe, attentive service and uniquely delicious food. The seafood-based menu features everything from gumbo to tuna nachos to crab guacamole, but the kitchen is also dishing out land-based dishes like BBQ baby back ribs and filet mignon au poivre. When in doubt, do what Fiorini does.

“It’s hard to pick one dish as my favorite because when we started creating the menu, we had the opportunity to play with and test out a lot of different ideas. I do really enjoy eating our Spanish style garlic shrimp. It’s a very simple recipe,” Fiorini said. “Just Key West pink shrimp, toasted garlic in extra virgin olive oil, Fresno chili, paprika, lemon and parsley.” It’s shrimply delicious.


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