Cove Brewery and Won-Tom’s Have Created a Relationship That’s More Than Just Neighborly 

By Darien Davies

Photos by Matt Smith

What do you do as a loving local when you see a void? You fill it. In our case, the void is your mouth and belly, and the filling is craft-made beer and food, thoughtfully curated by locals, Jay and Kristy Whelchel of Cove Brewery and Troy Ganter of Won-Tom’s, and their tribes at each establishment.

With a goal to both build Deerfield Beach’s first brewery, and build community involvement as much as possible, Jay set his eyes on no other location than The Cove Plaza. He and his sister, Kristy, grew up frequenting The Cove and knew it was the right home for their brewery.

“It’s one of the few places in South Florida where you don’t have to give an address; everyone knows The Cove,” said Jay. He wanted to build something for the locals, so it just made sense to build it around the locals. 

They had a mission to be authentically Deerfield Beach, and that’s why he and his team focused on building a brewery that celebrates South Florida’s fun-in-the-sun lifestyle, and one that not only offers a comfortable, cool taproom, but a type of taproom that brings Florida to life. One that feels like South Florida. One that feels like home.

Cove Brewing and Won-Tom's offerings of craft beer and Asian cuisine in Deerfield Beach.
As with most breweries, the focus is on the beer (as it should be). But, as a patron, you want to expect the same great food every time you’re in the mood for the same great beer. For Jay, the solution was simple; give Troy Ganter a call. It was a name he had heard for a while but someone with whom he had yet to directly connect. So, it was time to strike while the taproom’s hot!

“Troy’s team at Papa’s and his Eat Drink & Be Local brands were an ideal food partner. Our marriage of original craft beers and Won-Tom’s amazing Asian-inspired dishes has been a blessing,” Jay said. “Our synergies start with our love of community. We see our businesses as platforms for community engagement. Invest in the community, and the numbers will figure themselves out.”

It also helped that both families are Florida State Seminoles fans.

Now, Won-Tom’s is the official dine-in and catering option for Cove Brewery, bringing patrons the best local “dim sum to then sum,” with dishes that happen to perfectly complement Cove Brewery’s selection of beers. So, no matter what you’re ordering, you’re sure to enjoy every sip and savory bite. It’s almost like it was planned that way…

The two establishments were conceptualized separately but complement each other as if they were predestined to feed off each other. “Our kitchen has a take-out window and is built on fresh ingredients, taking umami to the next level. Technically there’s no seats at Won-Tom’s, so we ripped off the ghost kitchen model and elevated the experience by partnering up with the Brewery. We offer a unique dine-in experience where you sit, scan, order and the magic happens,” Troy said. “Together we offer the full package: great beer, craft food and better service.” 

1500 SE Third Ct, Deerfield Beach

Cove Brewery and Won-Tom's cusine beer and dish pairings. This dynamic duo is located in the Cove Plaza in Deerfield Beach.

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