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How I Got the Shot Bird’s Eye View Edition

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5 Reasons Why Your Phone Photos are Meh

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Chelsea Gould

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How I Got the Shot: Bird's Eye View

Whether it’s a multi-mile walk to the shoot destination or sitting and waiting for hours for a pod of dolphins, these photographers got the shot.

Phone photos

Fear not, for we have compiled a list of five reasons why your cell phone photos may not be up to par.

Chelsea Gould wedding photography in Palm Beach County.

If you’re not sure exactly what true love looks like, or what that perfect “Yes!” engagement moment feels like, or the emotion of seeing the first sonogram image of a baby, just ask Chelsea Gould.


From Pompano Beach to the Big Island, Perrin has gone the distance for the shot. Or should we say depth?

Sunfest Day 3: Lindsey Stirling – 311 – Kaskade Sunfest Day 4: Damian Marley – Stone Temple Pilots – Hozier Sunfest Day 5: Fall Out Boy