5 Spots to Play Pickleball in PBC

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While the majority of road trips are all about the destination, we’re here to show you that Florida has some off-the-beaten-path spots that are all about putting the WTF(un) in the journey.

Take four wheels, give it a luxurious spin, and you’ve got a whole new way to enjoy your next vacation with Coastal Van Co.

This year’s “Pub at the Hub” on Jan. 20 will be embellished by the unveiling of Space of Mind’s new Classroom Community Kitchen (CCK).

This choose- your-own-adventure itinerary is a road trip that ends in Athens, Georgia, whether you decide on the scenic route or the straight shot.

Our 10 rules — commandments, if you will — for a road trip with no speed bumps.

These are some conveniently located food establishments that we’d recommend hitting up after a sesh at the pier, a beach day at Loggerhead, a dog walk at Marcinski, or anything in between.

La Yuma, a conceptual cocktail bar focused on Tequila, Mezcal and Rum is tucked inside Sweetwater in Boynton Beach.

After nearly seven delicious years in their cozy location in Lantana, Oceano Kitchen has moved to Lake Worth Beach.

Lately, we’ve been testing out Dip, a hair care company that manufactures shampoo and conditioner bars for a more sustainable wash.

We recommend attending a Swank Table Dinner at Swank Specialty Produce and avoiding your kitchen all together.

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