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Interview With Logan Rex of Artikal Sound System

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Mathews Brewing Company Plays Live Music, and That’s a Brewtiful Thing by Natalya Jones  Photos: Hunter Hutchings Politics and religion. Plaid and stripes. TikTok and Gen X. Some things just don’t pair well with each other. But what does indisputably go together is craft beer and live music. Mathews Brewing Company in Lake Worth offers …

by Darien Davies If you’ve visited any of the restaurants under the Little Moir’s culinary umbrella, there’s a great chance that you noticed the family-like feeling that gets dished out as often as the amazing meals. There’s an even greater chance that you noticed your favorite hostess, server, chef and food runner has always been …

The Science Behind The Perfect Cup By Nicole Danna Photos: Anna Mucci At Composition Coffee House in West Palm Beach, owner Joshua Korman wants you to appreciate the science of coffee. Here, your cup of coffee will become an eye-opening experience — and not just thanks to the caffeine. It’s thanks to Korman’s focus and …

Jack Sandquist Is Palm Beach County’s Very Own Johnny Appleseed By David Rolland Photos: Tallymark Productions Growing up in North Palm Beach, Jack Sandquist saw plants as just a wall of green. “You’d drive down the highway and all the plants looked the same. You don’t know what plant is what and you figure they’re …

CF Survivor Scott Johnson Recounts His Experience By David Rolland Photos: David Scarola Paddleboarding the 80 miles between the Bahamas and the Florida mainland sounds like an insane thing to do. For Travis Suit, it seemed like a walk in the park compared to what his daughter was going through. At 4 years old, young …

Seas Every Opportunity by Darien Davies Photos: Ben Hicks Doing his research, fine-tuning his passion, and saying yes to every opportunity that came his way has afforded Ben Hicks a picture-perfect career and a life of gratitude. While his path might have been unplanned, he always kept his eyes on the prize and his finger …