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With summer rounding the corner, it’s a non-negotiable to have cold drinks on hand as you spend days by the shore enjoying the beach, on the waves enjoying the ocean, and anywhere else in the great outdoors your summer vacations might bring you.

There’s quite a few options of where to get cold-pressed juice. We’ve created this guide to make that decision a little simpler. Or, more likely, so that you can try each spot.

If you find yourself in the Palm Beach area around lunchtime, you absolutely must find yourself at a Buccan Sandwich Shop.

We put together this guide of gear you may need this summer to take some of the guess work out of it.

Here are a few local restaurants that deserve their time in the sun and a spotlight on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Choosing a sunscreen is like choosing a board: you want one that feels personally tailored to you.

These are some of our favorite ways to stay wet and get salty without having to lug your whole life to the beach every weekend.

Anyone have a red convertible we can borrow?

Don’t believe a party of two can enjoy a day on the island including breakfast, lunch and dinner for under $100? Read on, my friends.

Even as a local, you might not know about the Sun Dek Beach House, which if that’s the case, then here’s your big, fat, alert to Google and book it.

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