Work out at-home with these virtual fitness classes

by Alexis Paige

If there’s anything we all could use right now it would be endorphins. You know, the happy hormones. The only thing that makes coming out of the gym all sweaty and sore totally worth it and making you crave more.  

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has shut down all gyms. Meaning your post-pandemic body could come out one of two ways — spring break in the summer ready or like you have had every food delivery service deliver straight to your couch.

To help you come out of this coronavirus confident and ready to hit up all your favorite spots, here are five resources to try out. Who knows, you may have just found your new favorite workout class.



You’ve probably seen Orangetheory’s signature splat somewhere. And now you can try their HIIT workouts at home whether you are a member or not. The coaches have designed these less than an hour workouts as home-friendly as possible so you’ll never look at your household objects the same way again. Pick up your suitcase, laundry detergent, and water bottle and head on over to their YouTube channel, they’re uploading a new workout every day.


Corepower Yoga

Located all around America except for Florida, Corepower Yoga is famous for their intense yet relaxing yoga-based classes. Their app, Corepower Yoga On Demand, could cost you up to $240/year. But, since they know every yogi needs to keep up their practice, they’re offering complimentary yoga classes through their app. So now your hubby, roomie, and yourself has no excuse to not get zen.



Opening their doors about two years ago, Rise31 brought the SoulCycle vibe (and more!) to Delray Beach. From high-energy body weight workouts to Vinyasa style yoga, they’re streaming it all on Facebook Live. But don’t worry, they’re leaving the videos there for you to follow along at your convenience. With a new workout everyday, you’ll be able to try something new or get your go-to workout in.


Pilates Life

This pilates studio in Palm Beach Gardens is making their classes as in-person as possible. Join in their Zoom iCloud classes with your laptop or phone and see everyone else following along! They are offering virtual mat pilates and barre classes, so go get those core muscles activated while keeping that social distance.


Ballet Florida

Keep not only yourself active but also your little ones with Ballet Florida’s Instagram Live classes. Offering donation-based yoga, contemporary, ballet, and improvisation for all ages along with classes tailored to 3-7 year olds and 8+ children, everyone in your home will be entertained! 


You officially have no excuse not to get moving. It’s good for your body, soul, brain, and stomach. Pick one of these virtual spots or all five and get moving!

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