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By David Rolland The taco has been a favorite finger food since before Europeans settled in America. Anthropologists found evidence that native people in Mexico were eating tacos filled with small fish centuries ago. In South Florida, we’re continuing this tradition. Here are 10 places serving unique and tasty tacos. CHOLO SOY COCINA Located in …

By Mike Jurewicz Very rarely do we ever get to see evolution take place so quickly that it is viewable in one’s lifetime. The craft beer industry is one of these rare cases. Seemingly every year a new twist or turn is encountered that steers the collective masses through the course. In my 10 years …

SunFest with the Best By Darien Davies You know what summer smells like? SunFest. Well, to be specific, it’s loud music, louder screams, glitter, sweat, beer, grass, suntan lotion and more beer, on repeat. SunFest is back, baby, so plan for music and plan for fun. Regardless if this is your first go at being …

THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSIC AT GUANABANAS AND ROOTS MUSIC, INC. By Stella Alves The producer, guitarist, band manager, event coordinator and recording label head has been sharing his love of music and advocating raw talent for decades. For Matt Cahur, music has never seemed to escape his life, even when he’s off stage. After …

My name is Carly Cristello of Snappin Necks Photography. I am originally from Philadelphia and have been living in South Florida for the last six years. I have been a photographer for three years, specializing in concert photography. I love the energy of the crowds and musicians, which I hope people can feel when they …

KEEPING THE FUNK HOT, HOT, HOT By David Rolland Last summer Haute Tension found the perfect exercise to test their endurance as a band. They would play 31 South Florida shows in 31 days. “It was a challenge to book it until we said there’s no limit to where you can play,” said guitarist Alexandre …