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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing  By Darien Davies While our day-to-day actions for the past, oh, decades have centered around social interaction, the global environment as of late has called for quite the opposite. But what exactly is social distancing, and how the heck are we supposed to do it? Social distancing is …

Bringing a Fresh and Modern Skate Shop to Pompano Beach By David Rolland Matthew Ricci was on his way to becoming a chiropractor when he started doing the math in his head. “I was going to go deep into debt to save up to do what I really wanted to do,” Ricci said. He then …

Brian Trew began his love with the music world at age 11 when he first picked up the viola in his middle school orchestra. Instantly hooked, he and his friends created an Irish folk group, Celtic Rogues, and were heavily influenced by Celtic groups such as The Chieftains, Altan, and The Clancy Brothers, as well …

Chef Anthony Fiorini’s Favorite Dish at Luff’s Fish House By Darien Davies Chef Anthony Fiorini is the man behind Luff’s Fish House’s culinary magic, and has been the chef since it opened in 2017. “I enjoy creating dishes and playing with flavors,” said Fiorini, who began cooking with his father and grandmother when he was …

Chef Arturo “Tuna” Serrano’s Favorite Dish at Leftover’s Café By Darien Davies Even though this is the sister restaurant to Food Shack, Leftover’s Café has created an identity and reputation all its own. Opened in 2002, the concept for the Café was to serve simple, creative, fresh and playful dishes, all while pushing the envelope …

Think Outside the Box this Valentine’s Day By Darien Davies Sure, you could do the standard roses, chocolate and overpriced dinner at an average restaurant again this year, but nothing screams “romance” than doing just the opposite. If you’re in the mood to wow your special someone, spend quality time with your friends, or just …