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Six Restaurants To Get To By Boat by Darien Davies Why dine inside when you live on a peninsula? Thankfully, my good matey’s, you don’t have to. The Intracoastal is our eastern version of I-95, where you trade the traf c for a little wake action. If you’re new to the boat life, or just …

South Florida Businesses Come Together to Help Local Marine Ecosystems by Stella Alves  If you’re a beach lover, you’ve most likely heard of the race to save our ocean’s coral reefs. Critical for the survival of many marine species, reefs are often damaged by vessel groundings and anchoring, or are dying due to warm water …

“Creating this image was as much about luck and being in the right place at the right time as it was the actual technical part of capturing the image. My girlfriend and I started walking the beaches in early June checking the nesting dates on the rst turtle nest of the season. We knew things …

Sound Waves and Ocean Swells Brett Staska Proves That Passions Can Pay The Bills by Savannah Sheehan Photos by Kevin Flett Is “Living the Dream” really as easy as it seems? Brett Staska seems to think so, or rather, is doing exactly that. Florida native, Brett Staska, has made a name for himself in the …

Makin’ The Bacon Bacon Boxes’ Logan Rae and Kimmie Hruda Share The Love by Darien Davies Photos: Libby Volgyes Flowers are overrated, luncheons take too long, and you can’t eat a Hallmark card. Introducing Bacon Boxes – a gift that is also tasty. Logan Rae and Kimmie Hruda, ages 22 and 29 respectively, created the company after delivering a bacon …

AVOIDING ARREST, GOING LEGIT AND FORMING A CAREER VIA SPRAY PAINT by David Rolland  In the dozen years since Mark Bulks started spray painting, the Jupiter resident has found himself in some tight spots. Painting highways, bridges, and abandoned buildings illegally, or as he’d prefer to term it “without permission,” he’s courted danger and arrest, but only once did he …