Bianca’s Brazilian Bites

How To Bake It In America

by Susanna Arntz

“Can I help? Mom, I want to bake with you!” Bianca asked years ago. Little did she know that as she grew up, her love of baking would never grow old. When Bianca came to America back in 2000, she says she had no idea she was going to be elbow deep in cookie dough. She immediately fell in love with this country and our culture. While embracing cultural differences here, she kept her love of enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle alive. Coupling her love of healthy living with her love of baking, she started mixing and matching whole and natural ingredients to create the perfect cookie here in America. Leveraging her strategic degree in Hospitality Management and focusing on her passion for healthy foods, Bianca was determined to turn her love of baking into a business. She persistently experimented and tweaked her recipes until it was the ultimate product. Her all-good-for-you, yummy treats started off as gifts of love for friends and family and were big hits during the holidays. In no time, they became orders and special requests because they were that good. In January of 2014, Bianca’s Brazilian Bites was born as a proud family-run local small business and today they are growing rapidly.

Bianca’s Brazilian Bites are all natural, gluten-free and non-GMO.  What makes the cookies & treats so special, besides their great taste, is the fact they don’t use any preservatives or additives.  They are all baked and prepared daily in the heart of Jupiter, FL. Bianca explains, “Our shelf-life is much shorter than your regular baked goods and treats and this is definitely a plus.” She points out, “For us, less is more — after all there is something to say about foods that last for months to a year…suspicious.” That being said, they still successfully bake and prepare the products for retail and online sales.  Currently, Bianca’s Brazilian Bites are on the shelves (but don’t stay there for long) at shops like Tri Bike Run Sports, 3 Natives, Oceana Coffee, Modern Juice Co, Loggerhead Fitness, Tequesta Fitness, Breathe Salt & Yoga, Brewhouse Gallery, PGA National Resort & Spa Health & Racquet Club and Fresca Juice & Smoothie Bar. The online store is up and running 24/7 and ships to anywhere in America.

What’s on the horizons for this healthy and yummy company? Bianca’s goal is to continue to grow and expand. By December 2016, Bianca projects Bianca’s Brazilian Bites will be available at more than 100 locations in South Florida. The goal at heart is to make their scrumptious and healthy cookies & treats available to all.  While their focus today is the South Florida market, they are super excited to see orders from distant locations like Maine, Colorado, and New York propel them to thinking about future markets across the country.  A few years from now, Bianca’s Brazilian Bites projects that they will be shipping products to all 50 States, fresh from their oven to their customers’ homes. As they continue to grow rapidly, Bianca tells us, “We never want to lose the local small and family business touch, because we truly care about the communities we serve” — the proof is in the Brazilian Bites.

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