Album Review – Uproot Hootenanny

Uproot Hootenanny – Way Out

by Dana Krangel

The string movement is alive and well in South Florida and Deerfield Beach’s Uproot Hootenanny are one of the biggest bands on the scene. On their latest record, the five-piece folk/bluegrass band stays true to the genre through heavy jam sessions and whiskey dreams. Raucous tracks like ‘Twisted Riff’ and ‘Lucy and Stynes’ go full blown jam with a funky bass line laying down a solid foundation for the fiddle to shine through. Having perfected a sound that pleases bluegrass purists, Uproot takes it up a notch and appeals to the partier  in all of us with the aptly titled and all too familiar ‘That’s Why I Drink’. Stand out track ‘Off We Go’ closes out the album with “Everywhere we go, it’s the same old scene / Drinking brown liquor from a bottle that’s green / one sot of whiskey and off we go.” Whether it’s just one shot or the entire bottle, Uproot Hootenanny are the perfect accompaniment to a good ole’ fashioned time.

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