Album Review – The People Upstairs

The People UpStairs- Take It  How You Want

by Dana Krangel

Florida music vibes are physically embodied in The People UpStairs. Formed over a decade ago while attending Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, the local boys are making good. You have no doubt boogied your booty at one of their funktastic live shows and why not? The five-piece band gets down, winding through elements of funk and jam with pop-worthy hooks and a dollop of saxophone to bring it all together.  2011’s replay-worthy For The People By The People established a distinctive sound, lead by Casey Buckley on vocals. With that album, they found their perfect place, and with the highly anticipated Take It How You Want EP, they have elevated their musicianship into a totally on-point listening experience. From ‘Your Soul’ to ‘Little To the Left,’ keep your hands off the skip button because every track is infectious.

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