Florida Salt Scrubs: Creators of an Authentic Florida Experience

It’s not often one discovers a company that can boast of transforming and making us rethink the way we use an everyday product. How many testimonials just from the daily act of washing our hands brim with the words, “love, love,” and are followed by one more “love” for appropriate, even measure? Introducing Florida Salt Scrubs, the original Florida hand and body salt scrub and its Founder and President, Geoffrey Schmidt.  While most people can neither name nor spell the ingredients that go into traditional soaps, Florida Salt Scrubs creates an entirely natural, coconut oil based alternative made with rich, filtered sea salt crystals from the Atlantic Ocean that caters to conventional, yet discerning consumers, vegans, as well as environmental and animal rights advocates.

Florida Salt Scrubs uses premium, artesian Atlantic Sea Salt ground to a proprietary granular size designed to maximize the absorption of micro and macro minerals, like chloride, which help with muscle and nerve function, as well as numerous trace elements, such as iron and zinc, that your body uses to make enzymes involved in metabolism. Combined with your choice of key lime, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lemongrass, coconut and vanilla, an unquestionable fabulous cleansing and aromatic experience is created that is non-greasy and helps keep skin remarkably smooth. Along with these benefits, people also love the products because they are natural antiseptics and disinfectants that are easy to use – simply apply a small scoop into your hand, massage into the skin and rinse with warm water.

Although in hindsight, judging by the success, popularity and quality of the products, it may be tempting to assume that Geoffrey Schmidt was born into the business and had been producing salt scrubs his entire life. However, the reality is that the concept was introduced to this South Floridian local, while dining one evening in Key West; and, in the bold, entrepreneurial spirit of pioneers, Schmidt followed his instincts and went with his gut. Since launching in 2012, the company has grown organically and comprises today a spectrum of retailers that include, but are not limited to, restaurants, spas, hotels, surf and dive shops.

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When Schmidt was asked what separates his company from the competition, the first thing he noted were values. These are the unwavering principles and standards corresponding to believing that natural is always the better choice and the commitment to sustainable practices for the benefit of our planet and community. Reflecting upon family values, the company’s famous motto is: “We wouldn’t create products that our own moms wouldn’t like or use or be proud to share as gifts.”

These time-honored doctrines are conceptualized as seeds which inevitably sprout the people, products, and process of his organization. Schmidt characterizes it as a unification that serves as a compass which provides his team members with a clear mission. He summarizes that, “When retailers do business with us they get the real deal.  We tell it like it is, and deliver on time every time or we make it right.  Business for us has to be win/win or it’s not worth it in the first place.  Because the market place today values more than ever businesses that have values, and that deliver results, many retailers seek us out to carry our brand. Doing business with us is how it should be – smooth, easy and enjoyable.”

The moral foundation, vision, pace and quality of products from Florida Salt Scrubs appear to assure continued growth and expansion of their brand. Simply put, they are a company that stands behind what and how they produce and sell. With “Fresh From Florida” on the label, it’s not implausible to conclude that their products which, in the sincere words of its founder, “truly embodies the beauty, fun and essence of the Florida experience,” might one day be as recognizable as Florida citrus.


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