Ablum Review – Short Straw Pickers

short straw album cover print

The Short Straw Pickers

Upon That Hill

by Dana Krangel

Like their band name implies, The Short Straw Pickers special brand of genre twisting goodness comes with an extra dose of twang. Self described as “Jamboogiebluegrassicana,” their unique blend of sound results in a jamtastic fiddle party on the trio’s debut album. Lead singer Jack “Straw” Schueler’s voice sounds like you can learn a thing or two from him and the songs he’s penned follow through with that promise. The knee-slapping title track ‘Upon That Hill’ takes you on a tale of long lost love. “I hope to heaven that you are doing fine / and that your life is long and sweet as wine” belts Schueler. The group takes the energy down a notch with “Hold On to Your Magnolia” which allows their musicianship to shine through on this beautiful track that makes you want to hit replay immediately. Local festival favorites, we are lucky to be on the receiving end of The Short Straw Pickers live shows as well as their first full album.



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