Album Review – the band in Heaven

the band in Heaven

Caught in Summer Swell

by Dana Krangel

the band in Heaven have long instilled a sense of pride in the hearts of South Florida local music connoisseurs with solid live shows and bi-coastal appeal. So it might seem odd, but Caught in a Summer Swell is the band’s first full length album. Released on West Palm Beach label Decades Records, Caught in a Summer Swell takes your mind to a summery place (South Florida, duh) and desperately tries to hold on to that feeling forever. Lead single, and trippy video, ‘Dandelion Wine’ perfectly personifies the band in Heaven sound with lead male and female vocals from Ates Isildak and Lauren Dwyer bouncing off of each other throughout the catchy instant-classic. Other jams like ‘Fairweather Friends’ and ‘Young and Dumb’ might give you a quick The Cure flashback before  throwing you into the rolling sounds of band in Heaven. ‘You were the sun when I was young / You were the sun back when I was dumb.’ Belt it with the windows rolled down. Whether or not summer equals freedom is put to the test on this new essential South Florida eargasm.

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