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Mobility is one thing that is very easy to take advantage of while you have it. It’s also easy to not realize how much you should’ve appreciated it when you lose it. It’s a bigger contributor to your everyday life than you may realize. Mobility training can decrease chances of injury and improve strength. A full range of motion will keep your joints from creaking — at least before the gray hair starts.

Ian and Alex Markow don’t take it for granted. They began Markow Training Systems and created mobility programs designed to cater to individual needs. They want to help people realize what they’ve realized about the importance of mobility. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re looking for individual help, an arsenal of video resources, or to incorporate mobility into your own coaching or training programs.

In Ian’s personal experience, mobility has given him, “decreased stiffness, improved strength, greater body control and increased confidence.”

These days it seems there’s always a new health or fitness trend that is circling the internet. It can be overwhelming to navigate your way through trying something new to improve yourself.

Ian and Alex take out the guess work, and make sure their students have an understanding of the fundamentals.

Ian said, “The basics are absolutely essential. Many people will just jump into advanced positions they see on social media and wonder why they are not making progress. An assessment is ideal but starting with the basics like a daily mobility routine including C.A.R.s (controlled articular rotations) is my top recommendation. Think of it as brushing your teeth but for your joints.”

The video below, for example, is a great demonstration of shoulder mobility exercises that are a good beginning point. A more advanced sequence, on the other hand, might include weights for added resistance. “You do not need anything to start, but like every training approach, progressive overload is necessary for continuous progress,” Ian said.

Each movement in the video has the same overall goal: “To improve the fundamental motion of the shoulder, which is rotation,” Ian said. “Without rotation, the shoulder can’t move through its full range of motion. By ensuring we are training full range of motion, we can mitigate the chance of injury, improve strength, and maximize control.”

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