Barracuda Seafood Bar & Grill

A Peek Into The Flavors And Culture of Brazil

by Savannah Sheehan

Photos: Kelly Coulson

A1A fosters a multitude of restaurants, bars, stores and of course, the ocean. Choosing a place to eat poses a challenge for most people, especially with so many options available. Located on 2nd Street off A1A in Deerfield Beach, Barracuda Seafood Bar & Grill makes the decision for you by offering a cuisine formerly unavailable in the area, and delivered with excellence.

Barracuda focuses on a mix of northern Brazilian and Portuguese cuisine. Husband and Wife Kenny Nassar and Andrea Careinalli took over the restaurant a year ago. Since their reopening they have created a friendly, seafood-focused, fun atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Hailing from Brazil, Andrea recreated the menu to embody “the flavors of Brazil,” as she knows. Andrea felt frustrated that the common conception of a Brazilian restaurant was a buffet or steak house. Utilizing the local seafood that is prevalent in the South Florida area, Andrea displayed the skills, know-how and experience to prepare specific dishes that translate “The Flavors of Brazil” into unique, memorable meals. Kenny and Andrea share, “nothing comes out of a truck here. It’s always fresh, as if we were shopping for ourselves.”


Once their vision was made concrete, Andrea sat down with their Chef to prepare each new dish, hand-in-hand, “I make all the sauces myself at the restaurant,” she states. Under the ‘Flavors of Brazil’ segment of the menu, the consumer favorites are listed, and includes the Bobo de Camarao, a blend of sautéed shrimp in coconut milk, saffron, palm oil and yucca cream baked in a cast iron skillet and served with jasmine rice and vegetables. A combination of mouth-watering, hearty ingredients that is indigenous to Brazil, yet available in our own backyard. The menu proffers an array of dishes varying from Maryland baked Crab Brûlée to Portuguese Clams,
Mussels and Chorizo that is sure to enchant the palate with parsley, garlic, white wine and fresh lemon juice served with Portuguese bread.

While Barracuda is a relaxed, tame restaurant by day, at night the ambience turns up a notch with live music nightly accompanied by a full bar. The Caipirinhas (kY/pee/REE/NYah), Brazil’s national cocktail, is traditionally made with cachaca, sugar, and lime; however, Barracuda offers 6 sensational variations infused with respective fruits of Brazil like the Acai or passion fruit Caipirinhas.


Each night of the week takes on a certain theme. Wednesday is ladies night, Thursday the winner of Brazilian Idol plays live, Friday night is Forro night (a traditional Brazilian dance), Saturday the runner up of Brazilian Idol performs live, and on Sunday’s there is Samba which is the dance of Brazil. With events every night of the week, there is never a dull moment at Barracuda. Between the food and the atmosphere, mundanity of the day to day fades into a memory while vacation has just begun. Andrea and Kenny strive to supply their clientele with an exclusive, original experience that is not merely fabricated, it is a lifestyle. In order to accomplish this, Andrea shares, “I make sure I’m creating the right plates and right atmosphere for everyone.” The earnest effort made by both owners is apparent in all facets of the restaurant.

With sights set on continuously growing the ambience, Kenny and Andrea plan to create a bamboo and water garden alongside the property to add more seating capacity and a visual effect; successfully stimulating all the senses. Barracuda renders you a dining experience that will surprise and exceed expectations.

Visit Barracuda Seafood Bar & Grill at 1965 NE 2nd Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

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