Chef Eric Baker’s Favorite Dish at Rebel House

By Darien Davies

Rebel is the name and rebellion is their game. Rebel House was created as a full service “renegade” restaurant and bar that offers diners a place to imbibe, ingest and indulge, and new executive chef and owner Eric Baker aims to continue the spirit. His inspiration behind the menu is an American brasserie, and he and his team create dishes that evoke free thinking and the unexpected. Each dish served is composed of contrasting flavors and textures that highlight a single component, whether it be a protein or a vegetable.

Rebel House Chef Eric Baker

So what best satiates this culinary rebel’s hunger? “My favorite menu item would have to be General Tso’s Chicken Wings,” said Baker, 38. “Wings are my ultimate guilty pleasure.”

The reason why the wings are so drool-worthy is because they’re expertly crafted. They are dusted in a combination of rice flour and potato starch before being fried for the first time, then rested, then fried for a second time before being coated in a sweet and tangy Chinese sauce, and followed by a coating of sesame seeds and scallions. Yeah, they’re the General of general wings.


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