Three Cocktail Recipes Sure to Keep You Cool at Home

Summer time is for sittin’ back and sippin’ something cold. That might usually take the form of a seltzer, beer, or — god forbid — something in a red solo cup. Not anymore. Our friends at Sweetwater are keeping us from that fate. Sweetwater, in Boynton Beach, is known for their whiskey and cocktails. Co-Owner Sean Igleheart put together three unique cocktails for readers to make at home. Each is appropriate for any scenario but we’ll explore a few potential options for inspiration purposes.

Sweetwater Cocktail 1, “Tropical Heat”

This first fruity cocktail is perfect for a post breakfast, pre-lunch, buzz. I mean, it’s practically juice, right? A bit of Italicus Liqeur will even out the sweetness of the mango by adding a touch of elderberry, lavender, and floral spice. Dash in some cayenne and basil to round it out with earthy elements. Shake, double strain to ensure you’ve lost all the little bits, and serve in a rocks glass with a fresh basil garnish.

2oz – Gin or Vodka
.5oz – Italicus Liqueur 
1.5oz – Mango Juice
1oz – Tangerine Juice
2-3 Basil Leaves
Pinch of Cayenne

Combine, Shake, Double Strain
GIG: Rocks Glass/Cubed Ice/Crisp Basil Leaf

Sweetwater Cocktail 2, “Summer of Passion”

If you’re looking for something with a bit more bite, try this next recipe. It balances sweet, refreshing passion fruit with a sneaky dash of spice from the Ancho Reyes Liqueur. Depending on whether you opt for tequila or mezcal can add an element of smokiness. Perfect to pair with a cold summer salad — preferably also with fruit. Shake, strain and serve in a Collins glass on the rocks with mint to garnish.

2oz – Tequila or Mezcal
.75oz – Ancho Reyes Liqueur 
.75oz – Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur
1.5oz – Passion Fruit Juice
.5oz – Lime Juice

Combine, Shake, Double Strain
GIG: Collins Glass/Cubed Ice/Mint 

Sweetwater Cocktail 3, “Peachin’ It”  

When I think of a creamy cocktail I think dessert. Between the Ricard Pastis Liqueur’s bitter anise flavor and the fullness of the Crème de Coconut, this cocktail has that indulgent feel of a dessert you’ve been craving. The peach juice and lime are still reminiscent of a summer cocktail — to stay on theme of course — but we’d definitely consider this an evening cocktail. Shake, strain and serve in a rocks glass topped with mint.

2oz – Rum or Whiskey
.5oz – Ricard Pastis Liqueur
1.5oz – Peach Juice
1oz – Crème de Coconut
.5oz – Lime Juice
2-3 Mint Leaves

Combine, Shake, Double Strain
GIG: Rocks Glass/Crushed Ice/Mint 

1507 Federal Highway, Boynton Beach

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