The Shade of the Future

If you’ve ever had the awkward pleasure of chasing your rogue umbrella down the beach on a windy afternoon (you know who you are) then we’ve got the shade for you. Meet Solbello, the umbrella that not only endures South Florida’s winds but thrives in them. Instead of a traditional fixed shade, Solbello swivels based on wind direction. So instead of turning into a colorful projectile, this smart shade goes with the flow.

So, let’s talk specs for a second. Solbello’s design is made from lightweight aluminum, marine-grade stainless steel, and high-quality sail material that’s UPF 50+ certified. And it’s designed for your Insta-worthy 360-degree beach views. 

Solbello prides itself on simplicity and user-friendliness. This umbrella is so compact, you won’t have any issue tossing it into your beach bag or the backseat of your car. Setting it up? A breeze—literally and figuratively. It was made with functionality in mind so there’s no long poles or sandbags to fill. And, unlike a regular umbrella which you have to adjust to the wind to keep it from being plucked up, Solbello adjusts to the wind automatically.

One drawback is that if you set up all your beach necessities in the shade of the Solbello umbrella and the wind shift, the area that’s shaded will shift as well. But, you can always utilize the “No Wind Kit” that the umbrella comes with to secure the two back corners of the umbrella for stagnant days. This will create more of a tent shape, rather than having the Solbello freely blowing in the wind.

While we were testing this umbrella miracle, it was definitely a conversation starter. “Whoa, where’d you get that?” and “Is it from the future?” were among the comments. The design is innovative and certainly sparks interest. We’ve been seeing more and more pop up on our beaches.

So, next time it’s blowing 20 knots, forget the same ol’ and get yourself a Solbello.

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