Must Have Burger: 3rd and 3rd

3rd & 3rd

301 NE 3rd Ave., Delray Beach

(561) 303-1939

A great burger is not just comfort food. Once you’ve had one, it’s like a right of passage into gastronomy. When 3rd & 3rd owner John Paul Kline opened his Delray Beach restaurant just over one year ago, the first thing he put on the menu was a seared burger. Why? To get everyone a little bit closer to burger nirvana. JP also believes a burger should be just that — a burger. His iteration is simple — practically minimalist by comparison to other flashy joints. That means a single patty, a pure blend of ground beef, and nothing added but a generous smothering of salt and pepper before a quick searing on the flattop for a brown, crispy exterior. That crusty finish locks-in texture and flavor, and presents the perfect platform for a generous portion of JP’s own red onion jam, a simple reduction of fresh red onion, balsamic vinegar and sugar made in house. It works so well with the burger that JP admits his patrons have given up on ketchup and mustard entirely.

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