Album Review – The Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned- Urgency

By Dana Krangel

Writing original songs out of Margate, FL, The Old Fashioned is a post-punk trio doing exactly what everyone should be, making music they love. Fairly new to the scene, The Old Fashioned popped up in 2002 playing as part of stacked lineups at gritty venues. Now signed to JMB records, their debut Urgency is delivering their specific sound to anyone that will take a listen.

The EP is five songs of dance-alone-in-your-apartment tunes that conjure up distinct Taking Back Sunday nostalgia while still being gentle enough for more mild music listeners. The songs make you want to catch a live Old Fashioned show which there will no doubt be much more of since their massive CD release party in Fort Lauderdale. Point blank, if you listened to punk/pop-punk/emo in high school, this record is worth a spin and a period of reflection. If this is what their songwriting is like out of the gate, we can’t wait to see what’s next for The Old Fashioned.


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