By Kayla Ziadie


Quarantine isn’t over yet, folks. It’s a sad reality we have to accept for the time being, especially considering Florida is becoming the new COVID-19 epicenter of the world. (Yes, you read that correctly: the entire world.)

Most people fall into one of three groups: singletons quarantining alone/with family; in a relationship and quarantined with one’s significant other; and in a relationship but quarantined apart. Whether you’re stuck together 24/7 or relying on Zoom for daily chisme, you and your partner could eventually feel stuck doing the same old same old. No matter your situation, these quarantine date ideas are the perfect way to shake up your routine.

Physically Together

Bust out board games

Let’s be honest: If you and your partner can survive a game of Uno, your relationship is pretty much set for life. Games of both the board and card variety will help spark more laughter and healthy competition in your day, whether it’s as simple as Connect Four or as convoluted as Monopoly. 

Don’t be afraid to add in your wine or spirit of choice for a boozy twist on your games of choice (as long as nobody’s driving, of course). Yes, beer pong counts. And yes, tax-paying adults can absolutely play a two-person game of flip cup without the worry of judgment.

Establish a new workout routine

The collective Productive Phase of quarantine may be months behind us, but there’s no reason you can’t go back. Maybe you don’t need to whip up five variations of banana bread every week, however, getting your sweat on can help you feel more on track.

Whether you take morning/night walks, implement daily yoga or follow YouTube HIIT workouts, the possibilities are endless. Holding each other accountable with a new workout regimen will not only have you feeling healthier and more productive than ever.

Pack a backyard picnic

You’d be surprised at how invigorating a picnic can be, especially when you realize there are no limitations to how you can go about it. Want to create a full-blown charcuterie board that would land you your own Food Network show? Go all in. Want to buy as many Lunchables as humanly possible and go to town? Hey, it’s your world, we’re just living in it.

Enjoying the beauty of nature with your favorite foods, favorite drinks and favorite person offers a small slice of paradise. Heck, it’ll nearly make you forget you’re not living through an international pandemic during a year that will most definitely have its own chapter in history books to come.

Virtually Together

Cook the same recipe

Since it’s physically impossible to jet-set to Italy and indulge your craving for authentic spaghetti Aglio e olio, why not make it at home? Pick a recipe you and your partner both love; it can be as casual as fully loaded nachos to an intricately made pho. Set a time the recipe must be finished by, and get to work. When you’re done, judge each other’s creations and pick a winner for the most aesthetically pleasing dish. Bon appétit.

Watch a new show together

Go ahead, admit it: It feels like a betrayal when your partner watches your favorite show without you. So make a pact that you two will solely watch a new show together, on planned Zoom dates, with no interruption. By all means, binge it in one day, that’s your business and we respect it. But if you plan to watch it together on specific days, promise to stick with it. Loyalty is free.

Sip and paint

FaceTime your boo, crack open your favorite brewski (or bottle of vino) and dig out the mini Walmart paint set you bought at the start of quarantine when you swore you were going to get a new hobby. (Better late than never, right?) Freehand a painting of your choice, or print a paint-by-number photo that gets progressively more interesting the emptier your bottle gets. It’s like your local wine-and-paint experience, only cheaper, less intimidating, and you don’t need to Uber home.

No matter what route you choose in your relationship quaranroutine, there’s no doubt that you and your partner will come out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger, closer and more resilient than ever before. Trust that there’s always a silver lining. Sometimes, just thinking outside of the box can help you level up.

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