Chase was born and raised in south Florida and currently lives in Delray Beach. He is a published photographer and has his landscape work displayed in several local businesses in the Delray Beach area. His early professional career began as a civil engineer after graduating with a master’s degree from Florida Atlantic University. Quickly realizing that the 9 to 5 grind was not for him, he turned to his hobby of photography to balance his interests. Chase began spending most mornings at the beach photographing the sunrise before heading off to work; bringing his camera along to capture adventures of his and those around him. His composition and post-processing aptitude grew exponentially along-side his passion. By teaching himself the art and discipline of digital photography, Chase was able to transform his hobby into a career. He continues to push the limits of his abilities and life experiences in order to create and capture moments in time that transport the viewer.

“Alarm goes off at 4:45 am. Camera bag prepared and ready by the door. Eighty-five minutes of rare open road until my headlights illuminate the entrance of Matheson Hammock. Already some light and color near the horizon as I zip down the long driveway to this park I went to many times as a child. I have the place to myself (at least for the moment). As I gather my gear the brightness in the sky grows. I scout for a place to setup; looking for a spot with an interesting foreground, backlit with the eastern horizon. Nothing looks right yet. The faint colors that first painted the sky have now intensified. If I don’t find a spot soon I will miss my opportunity. As I speed walk along the water’s edge looking down at the rocks and seaweed I grow anxious. I gaze out towards the horizon I notice two navigation markers in the water with a bird atop each one. The image of these two birds surrounded by a vast ocean flips my switch; there may be something here. I quickly setup my tripod, mount my camera and adjust settings. ISO 100. Aperture f/11. Exposure 20 seconds. Focal length 17 mm. Click. I hold my breath as I watch the birds remain still. I hear the shutter close. It’s as if the birds were posing. The glassy water and blurred clouds contrasted by the sharp lines of the idle markers create more of an abstract image than a photograph. Calmness and gratification replace the anxiety.”

Location: Matheson Hammock, Miami, Florida

Camera: Canon 6D

Lens: 17-40mm f1/4

Aperture: f/11

Exposure: 20”

ISO: 100

Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop


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