“Neptune Subterranean is one of my favorite pieces to date because of its overall transformation from beginning to end. Originally, I started layering acrylics on the canvas with another concept in mind, but became busy with a deadline which landed it in the back of my studio closet for years. Fast forward to 2015 and a brainstorming session for a new collection centered around exploring various mediums and she was born. The ocean and bodies of water are often a personal source of inspiration and I wanted to create a piece that felt as if it was submerged then collected from the depths of the sea (along with a ethereal Neptune-inspired being to match). After a night of research, I found polymer clay was the best material to sculpt the barnacles framing the canvas and set out to find supplies the next morning. I spent that evening (and many more) hand rolling various sized spheres to morph into barnacles and eventually even enlisted the help of a few close friends. It was one of those all-encompassing pieces that I was ridiculously excited to work on day after day and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of incorporating a new medium. Neptune Subterranean also acted as a reminder that there’s a world of potential, possibility and magic in the things we pass by daily, we just have to shift focus a bit.”

Neptune Subterranean is available for purchase, price upon request –> info@amandavaldes.com


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