Rebel House’s Glide in Your Stride

By Natalya Jones

Photo: Ben Hicks

When I asked Rebel House’s Head Bartender Bill Binder what cocktail he wanted profiled, it was only a nano second before he replied “Glide in Your Stride”, because “it’s made with very interesting house made ingredients”.

Now before you assume that your taste buds may be allergic to these vague and “interesting” ingredients, listen up: this intricate cocktail is comprised of a homemade 100 proof dried cranberry and chamomile liquor with a house made spicy plumb bitters called “Shantelinit bitters”.  Not too shabby, huh?

Glide in Your Stride is made as follows: Bombay Dry Gin is used as the base spirit with fresh squeezed citrus, the aforementioned 100 proof dried cranberry and chamomile liquor, “Shantelinit” bitters, sugar, egg white and is served up with a ground pink peppercorn garnish.

The same tactic of using homemade ingredients is applied to other cocktails served at Rebel House as well. “This bar program is gravitating back to the original O.G. [original gangster] classic recipes and of course, our cutting edge variations and inspirational take on them,” explained Binder. “We have many house made products from preserves, bitters and vermouth to house steeped absinthe liquor.  If it’s amazing cocktails you want, then Rebel is definitely where you’re going to get them.”

As for food, Binder states that meals are of “progressive new American fare.” Food items on the menu are seasonal and what is also available locally to chefs. “75% of our menu changes every 4-6 weeks so you can always have a new eating experience when you come in,” Binder continued. “We have killer burgers, house made charcuterie, great local seafood, and some exotic selections for the true gourmands.”

The feel of Rebel House seems to be as ever-changing and evolving as the menu. Binder states that “there is never a dull moment in Rebel. You’re always going to have a great time while getting excellent service, decor, food and drinks”.

“Rebel House was designed to constantly evolve and push forward the current trends in the dining industry,” continued Binder. “We want to keep our guests on their toes and show them an experience that is unique to our Rebel Style!”  Local Rebels will definitely have a “glide in their stride” after a trip to the Rebel House.

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